That Time When Leonardo DiCaprio Becomes a Real-Life Hero and Saved a Man’s Life


Jack Dawson sacrificed himself to save his love, Rose DeWitt Bukater, so what does the heroic character have in common with Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor who played the part?

No, the award-winning thespian didn’t die, rather he also helped a person who drunkenly fell from a cruise ship.


Good old Leo relieved his Titanic role — this time in real life after he helped in the rescue mission for one man. This allegedly happened on Dec. 30 last year during his and girlfriend Camila Morrone’s vacation in St. Barts.

It was a perfect time — they were at the spot to aid in the efforts that fortunately saved the person who was in the waters for 11 hours. In fact, the 45-year-old’s boat was reportedly the sole vessel that was in the area where the man was.

Thankfully, the survivor was found just before sunset and before heavy rains poured. As per a source, Leo and other boat crew were glad to have become instrumental in bringing the guy to safety.


It is safe to assume that Leo would have lent his hand, too, if he wasn’t an actor. Plus, he is far from being the first actor to have become a hero.


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Ryan Gosling

Could Ryan Gosling be any more perfect? Apart from being a great and handsome actor, he is also a gentleman and a superhero without a cape.

In 2012, Laurie Penny narrated on Twitter how the La La Land star literally saved her life. Apparently, the Brit forgot to look at the oncoming traffic and was about to be hit by a taxi when she was pulled by the ever-dashing Ryan.

Needless to say, the tweet went viral and praises for Ryan flooded the internet, so much so that the journalist wrote an article that essentially said there are far more pressing matters to talk about than everyday happenings.


Jennifer Lawrence

Also in 2012, a woman outside Jennifer Lawrence’s Santa Monica apartment passed out. So the Hunger Games actress came to the rescue and stayed with her until help arrived.

According to a photographer who witnessed the scene, J. Law made sure that the woman was OK even until the paramedics came.

Jamie Foxx

The comedian doesn’t like to call himself a hero but it’s hard not to refer to him as that because of what he did. While driving, Jamie Foxx witnessed another car steered off the road and suddenly caught fire – all while the driver was still inside.

The celebrity knew he wouldn’t turn a blind eye so along with an EMT staff, they got driver, Brett Kyle, out of the vehicle. Fortunately, after suffering from burns and body trauma, he survived.


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