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San Nicolás was born around the year 280 d. C. He lived during the latter part of the third century in the first half of the fourth century in Asia Minor, which is considered part of modern Türkiye. The day of San Nicolás takes place on December 6, the day on which Nicolás died, Bishop Nicolás de Myra.

The year of his death was 343 AD. During his life, he lived his life as a servant of God. Through his kindness, affection and generosity towards everyone, he became known throughout the world. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of many diverse groups, including children. In many countries, children wait anxiously on the morning of December 6 to see if San Nicolás visited them during the night.

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Nicolás was born in a city called Patara or Patras that, at the time of his birth, around the year 280 d. C., was in Asia Minor, near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. As times and nations have changed, Patara is now in the country of Türkiye.

The first years of Nicholas are mostly unknown. His parents were Epiphanes and Johane, who led very Christian lives. “From the beginning, the child Nicholas showed signs of extreme piety, observing periods of fasting even in the earliest childhood.” The story says: “Then, the first day he was washed and taken to bed, he went to himself in the bathroom … and everything he could understand about the Sacred Scriptures, he actually executed it and worked according to his power. ‘” It is also said that Nicholas was very religious from the day he was born. I would only eat once on Wednesdays and Fridays at night. He carefully studied the beliefs of his parents and those of the church.

After this early time, there is not much talk about their youthful years. His parents died when Nicholas was a young man. It is known that his parents had wealth. After his death, Nicholas chose to share his wealth with others, especially the sick and the poor, as he wanted to be faithful to the church’s follow-up.

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Nicholas began to travel and as a young man, arrived in the city of Myra. Myra is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is today in the country of Türkiye (Turkey) “where the small town of Kale (Demre) is located”. It was at this time that the Bishop of Myra had died and the city was in need of a new bishop. The other bishops of the whole region were gathering in search of a new bishop. After a day of deliberation, they dissolved for the day. The main bishop went to bed that night and heard “a voice telling him that, at the time of the Matins, he should pay attention to the doors of the church, and that he should go first to the church, and to have the name of Nicholas should get him bishop. “It was at the time of the Matins, a man crossed the doors and this man was Nicholas. He was received as the new Bishop of Myra.

As a young bishop, Nicolás was known for his miracles, generosity and faith. Some of the groups that are considered patron saint include bakers, children, moneylenders, travelers and the countries of Sicily, Russia and Greece. Because of his generosity and kindness towards children, his story has remained alive in the lives of children all over the world. On December 6, many countries celebrate Saint Nicholas Day with festivities from different places.

In the United States, only a few cities that have a large European or Dutch ancestry celebrate St. Nicholas Day along with Christmas Day. Some of these cities include Milwaukee, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Cincinnati. Other places in the United States only celebrate Christmas Day as seasonal holidays.

Throughout the city of Milwaukee and its surroundings, children hang stockings in San Nicolás Eva (December 5) in the hope that they visit San Nicolás. On St. Nicholas Day, children wake up hoping to find good things such as fruits, sweets, etc. in your stockings. If, on the other hand, a child finds coal, the child has been bad and only has a few weeks to behave and do good to others before Christmas Day.

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In other countries, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in a similar manner, except that St. Nicholas Day is the only day when gifts are received. Children place shoes, boots, socks or some other type of boat outside their house, window or room on December 5. The next morning they wake up and find candy, fruit, etc. in these containers or under your pillows.


There are a lot of legends (stories) told of the many miracles performed by Saint Nicholas that are shared through many different versions. Some of the legends follow and are told only in one of the versions. Other versions of the stories can be found on Internet sites and in several books.


The Dowerless Maidens. A story told about Nicholas belongs to three damsels without dowries. The three maidens lived with their father, who was a noble, but a noble who was in poverty. During the time Nicholas lived, a maid, when she was married, needed to have some kind of dowry. Since the father was poor, the maidens had no dowry and could not marry. The father was about to send the daughters to a sinful life when Nicholas intervened and decided to help this poor family. During one night, Nicholas secretly threw “a mass of gold wrapped in a cloth into the man’s house.” And when the man got up in the morning, he found this mass of gold and gave it to God for great thanks … “This would be the dowry of the eldest daughter and she soon got married.

Nicholas, again, left during the darkness and threw another golden mass wrapped in the father’s house. The father woke up the next morning and again thanked for the gift that was used for the second daughter’s dowry. The second daughter also soon married. After this second gift, the father began to look every night to discover who was the secret benefactor of his daughters. One night, while the father was watching, he heard the gold fall into his house. He quickly ran away and saw the stranger wrapped in a cloak that threw the gift home. He followed the stranger and discovered that the secret benefactor was Nicholas. As Nicholas did not want any notoriety, he only asked the father to keep silent about the gifts while he was alive.

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The miracle of wheat. There was a great famine inside the province where Bishop Nicolás was presiding. Everyone was hungry and needed food. Bishop Nicholas heard that many ships carrying wheat had arrived at the port. He approached the sailors and prayed that they give the people of the province at least “100 words of wheat from each ship, and they said: Father, we dare not, because it is measured and measured, and we must give an account of that in the players of the emperor in Alexandria, and the holy man said to them: Do this that I have told you, and I promise, in the truth of God, that it will not be diminished or reduced when you come to the players. “When the ships arrived and They unloaded in Alexandria, all the wheat measures were there. As for the people in the province of the bishop, each necessary man received wheat, enough for two years of sale and sowing.

The three schoolboys. A version of a miracle is a story about three children returning home from school. The three children were tired and decided to rest in an inn or, in some versions, on a farm. During the night hours, the innkeeper and his wife kill the children and place their bodies in barrels or barrels. “In the morning, San Nicolás appears and calls the culprits to the task, denying the guilt, but they are condemned when the saint makes the children, sound of body and limbs, rise from the barrels.” It is through this story that Saint Nicholas became the patron saint of all school children.

Defender of the faith. When St. Nicholas was older, he attended the Council of Nicaea. An Arian bishop had spoken against the Catholic faith. St. Nicholas, best known for his kind works, surprised everyone by striking the Arian bishop. Due to this act, Saint Nicholas “was deprived of the right to wear bishop’s robes.” But, the story adds, when celebrating the mass, he saw the angels who brought him the miter and the pallitmi as a sign that heaven had not blamed his anger. “


Saint Nicholas, from his birth, was dedicated to the church through his kindness and generosity. “His role was not generally that of the apostle extending the limits of Christianity or that of the expositor of the creed, his fame is based on his kind acts.” When celebrating Saint Nicholas Day, people from all over the world occupy a special place in the heart of this kind saint through their kindness.

Where is St. Nicholas Day celebrated (St. Nicholas Festival)?

Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, United States

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