Romantic Christmas Messages for Boyfriend, Christmas Wishes


Christmas is a beautiful occasion to celebrate with the groom. The groom and the bride can go to church together, party and celebrate together in the auspicious spirit of Christmas.

Christmas wishes for the groom can be sent with pretty words via text messages or pretty cards. Gifts of the groom’s choice can also be sent along with the cards. The bride can also upload Christmas wish messages on social media sites with Christmas messages for the groom. Here is an ultimate collection of Christmas greeting cards, Merry Christmas messages and 2020 Christmas wishes for him that you can send to your boyfriend.

Romantic Christmas Messages for Boyfriend – Christmas Wishes

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Christmas messages for boyfriend

Wish your boyfriend with Christmas love messages and short Christmas wishes. Send warm greeting cards on WhatsApp and Facebook as unique Christmas wishes for your boyfriend. Share with him the most beautiful and romantic Merry Christmas messages and Christmas messages for boyfriend. Make it a special occasion with sweet Christmas messages for boyfriend.

  • “Dear love, I wish you to end this year with a celebration party … May the glow of Christmas bring happiness and smiles to our lives … Merry Christmas.”
  • “I wish our bond of love to be strengthened and deepened with the blessings of Jesus … Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas, full of love and hugs, dear.”
  • “I pray that the joy of the Christmas season will spread happiness in our hearts for the coming year … May your smile never fade and our love never fade … Merry Christmas to you my love.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend

Beautiful short Christmas wishes and Christmas messages for the groom to wish Merry Christmas. Wish you with Christmas love messages and greeting cards to share on WhatsApp and Facebook. Warm and sweet Christmas messages for your boyfriend to send your love.

  • “With much love, I wish the love of my life a Merry Christmas. May this Christmas fill your heart with eternal happiness and your life with glory. Merry Christmas to you. “
  • “I know that my Christmas is going to be the most incredible because I have you by my side to make it something special. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. “
  • “Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year since we all want to spend it with those we love the most and for me that person is you. A cordial Christmas greeting to you. “
  • “This Christmas is going to be very special because I will have the love of my life to celebrate it. Wishing you an unforgettable Christmas forever. “
  • “I know that you are always there to take care of me and always there to make it a Christmas full of joy and smiles. Merry Christmas, love “.
  • May this Christmas be happier and happier for you. May the glow and goodness of Christmas extend into next year. Merry Christmas, love “.
  • “To my beloved boyfriend, I send my best wishes for Christmas. May we spend this holiday season together and have some wonderful memories to take with us next year. “

Romantic Christmas messages for boyfriend

These are some of the newest Christmas messages for the groom. Share with him lovely Christmas wishes for your boyfriend and romantic Christmas love messages to express your love for him. Share with him unique Merry Christmas messages and short Christmas wishes written for this occasion.


May each and every Christmas of our lives be blessed with the love and companionship we share with each other. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. “

  • “When you are around every day it feels so special and when you are with me at Christmas I know it will feel the most special. Merry Christmas.”
  • “When I have you with me to celebrate Christmas, I don’t need anyone else because you complete me and this world. My best Christmas wishes to you my love. “
  • May our bond be bathed in the choicest blessings of Jesus and may Santa bring us many more gifts of happiness and joy. Wishing you Merry Christmas. “
  • “When you are with me, this world seems to be a much better place. When you are with me at Christmas, it feels like the best of all. Merry Christmas to you. ”
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Funny Christmas messages for boyfriend

  • “There is no doubt that to date you have been the most special Christmas gift I have received and I cannot be more grateful. Merry Christmas, love “.
  • “I know that you will always be there to love me, pamper me and make me feel special with your love for each and every Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas dear. “
  • “On this journey of life, I am lucky to have a boyfriend like you who has always made me feel so loved. A cordial Christmas greeting to you. “
  • “When I found you, I found the true happiness and the true smiles of my life. With much affection I wish you a Merry Christmas my love ”.
  • “Even the best Christmas celebrations are incomplete without you by my side because you mean the world to me. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. “

First Christmas messages for boyfriend

  • “There are some really unique things that make you the best boyfriend and I am very lucky that you are mine. Warm wishes on our First Christmas together. “
  • “Although this is the first Christmas that we will celebrate together, there are many more to come. I wish you Merry Christmas my life. “
  • “You are the reason why this Christmas is going to be the most special for me. With much love, I wish you a Merry Christmas ”.
  • “Let’s make this Christmas an unforgettable one because it is the first that we are going to have together. I wish you a very Merry Christmas my love ”.
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, I send a lot of love and good wishes to those who have made this Christmas a true blessing for me. Merry Christmas.”

Romantic messages for him at Christmas

  • “With your hands in mine and with your eyes lost in mine, I know that it is going to be an unforgettable Christmas forever. Merry Christmas to you my life. “
  • “I wish that you are always by my side to make every Christmas special for both of us. A cordial Christmas greeting to you. “
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, there is only one thing I want from Santa and that is your love for the rest of my life. Wishing you Merry Christmas. “
  • May the Christmas celebrations fill our lives with joy and sparkling smiles. May you always be by my side. Merry Christmas to you. “
  • “As we celebrate the occasion of Christmas, I pray that our bond of love will always be blessed with happiness and understanding. Merry Christmas, love “.

Christmas messages for parents of grooms

Christmas is a special opportunity to celebrate together with the groom’s parents together with the groom and also bond well with them. Through the Christmas celebrations, the bride can spend time with the groom’s parents and get to know them well. Christmas wishes for the groom’s parents can be sent through cards and gifts.

  • “Through this beautiful card, I send wishes of Merry Christmas and I ask the Lord Jesus to bless you with all the happiness and prosperity in his life. Have a merry Christmas “
  • “I wish you a beautiful and blessed Christmas. May this festive season bless you with many more joys and smiles ”.
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, I wish you the best for your health and happiness. With much love, I wish you both a Merry Christmas. “
  • May the bright lights and beautiful smiles of Christmas stay with you forever and continue to spread happiness in your life. Merry Christmas.”
  • “May these parties illuminate every corner of your home with light and every corner of your heart with happiness. Best regards at Christmas ”.
  • “I wish you the best Christmas celebrations. Have the best time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas.”

Christmas message for long distance boyfriend

In a long distance relationship, the bride and groom live in different areas belonging to different places or they may be separated by distance due to work or some other distant personal commitment. As such, Christmas wishes can be sent via emails and cards to the groom.

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  • “To my boyfriend who is miles from me, I send love and Merry Christmas wishes for a happy Christmas celebration. I hope you have a great celebration and banquet this Christmas. “
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, there is only one wish I have and that is that this distance between us must end. I wish you Merry Christmas love “.
  • “They are miles apart, but they are also close to my heart. I want you to surprise me this Christmas and bring me unconditional joys with your presence. Merry Christmas to you. “
  • “May the Christmas celebrations be the most beautiful for both of you and we meet on this day to celebrate it together. Wishing you Merry Christmas. “
  • “May this long distance end and may you be here in my arms wishing me Merry Christmas in my ears. With much affection, sending warm wishes for Christmas ”.
  • “The only thing I hate at Christmas is being away from you and that is something that is ruining my day. A cordial Christmas greeting to you. “

Christmas messages for boyfriend away

Boyfriends and girlfriends can live away for temporary reasons due to official work or any other commitment. Christmas wishes for a boyfriend who lives far away can be sent via text messages, emails, or social media sites. Gifts can also be sent to the groom by mail.

  • “Have a merry Christmas my love. We may be far from each other, but we are always united by love, and let this love and our life together be blessed with pleasant and appreciated moments of happiness from the Lord Jesus ”.
  • “That you are not far away at Christmas and that you are celebrating this happy day with me. I wish you a Merry Christmas my love. “
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, I pray to Santa to bring you here with me to make it a beautiful Christmas for both of us. Warm Christmas wishes to you. “
  • Although you are far in the distance, you will always be close to me and my heart. At Christmas, I send you my love and many wishes. “
  • “The only wish I have this Christmas is to have you with me to celebrate this festive occasion. I really wish you were here. Merry Christmas to you my love. “
  • “I still hope you show up from somewhere as my Christmas present and make it the best of all. I wish you Merry Christmas my love. “

Christmas messages for boyfriend abroad

For a boyfriend whose girlfriend lives elsewhere abroad, the Christmas celebration gets dull and boring. However, a beautiful Christmas wish for the bride would make her Christmas that much more special and memorable. Wishes can be sent through text messages or emails, as well as through social media sites.

  • “I wish you lots of love and happy Christmas wishes as you celebrate the Christmas spirit with fervor. I pray to the Lord Jesus to bathe your life with prosperity and love in your life.
  • “Distance is one of the things that hurts the most on occasions like Christmas. I wish we were together to celebrate this special day together. Merry Christmas, love “.
  • “We may not be together in person, but we will always be together in each other’s hearts. A cordial Christmas greeting to you. “
  • “Let’s not see this Christmas that we are separated from each other, but let’s see that we will be together very soon. I wish you Merry Christmas my love. “
  • “Although Christmas would have been much better if you had not gone abroad, I know that next year we will celebrate it together. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Christmas is the time to think about all the good things and forget all the bad things like this distance that separates us. Warm Christmas wishes to you. “

Christmas messages for family grooms

A groom’s family is made up of not only parents, but also siblings and relatives. Sending cute Christmas wishes to all of them along with gifts for each would make her Christmas more special. Celebrating Christmas with them will also help you bond with them. Wishes can be sent via cards or text messages.

  • “I wish all the family members a Merry Christmas and a lot of happiness, sweet and lovely moments this Christmas. I send a lot of love and beautiful gifts for your family members. Let this holiday spirit bring prosperity to your family. “
  • “Wishing everyone a happy and beautiful Christmas. On this occasion, I pray that we will all be blessed with eternal happiness and joy. “
  • “Christmas celebrations are completed when you are with the people who love you the most. Best Christmas greetings to such an amazing family. “
  • May the good vibes of Christmas fill our hearts with happiness and leave us memories to treasure forever. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas ”.
  • “On the occasion of Christmas, I pray that each and every moment of this special occasion will be filled with eternal happiness for you. A cordial greeting at Christmas to all ”.
  • “Wishing everyone a joyful and lively Christmas, full of celebrations and good times. Kind regards on the auspicious occasion to all members of the family.

Christmas love messages for boyfriend

Christmas wishes of love for the groom are sent via text messages or through beautiful cards with gifts. Romantic love notes can also be sent along with the boyfriend cards. In addition, you can also create a beautiful Christmas love wish for the groom and send it to the groom through a whatsapp.

  • “I wish you my love a merry Christmas. For you, the best part of me, I send you all my love and good wishes for a special Christmas celebration. May our love be blessed with flourishing luck and may we be together for eternity. “
  • “May we always be together at Christmas to fill this day with joys, smiles and joys that will stay with us forever. Warm Christmas wishes to you. “
  • “I wish that the Christmas celebrations are full of joy, positivity and a lot of love for both of you. Wishing you Merry Christmas. “
  • “With you holding my hands and wishing me Merry Christmas in my ears, I feel like I am having the best Christmas of my life. Best regards at Christmas ”.
  • “May the good humor and the Christmas celebrations accompany us forever and continue to illuminate us with love and joy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. “
  • “To my beloved boyfriend, I wish you a Merry Christmas. Let’s make it the most beautiful Christmas of our lives by spending this special day together. “

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