Rihanna Used Curvy Mannequins For Her Fenty Line And People Are Loving It!


Rihanna is making her mark by increasing body diversity and inclusivity in the world of fashion. When the 31-year old Fenty mogul, started her first pop-up Fenty clothing at NYC’s The Webster in SoHo district, with curvy mannequins modeling her creations, ecstatic fans on social media praised her for displaying a variety of body-sizes.

Many fans appreciated seeing mannequins that reflected their actual body shapes. Rihanna has been praised by all for using a curvy mannequin that has a stomach ‘pouch’ and ‘love handles’ in her Fenty store with women admitting that it’s the first time in their lives they have ever seen their body truly represented.


Source : Pixabay.com

Another person wrote that it’s a relief to see realistic mannequins and models and that this move could only benefit the designers and stores. One customer was at the store and said that seeing these curvaceous and voluptuous mannequins looked so much like the curves she sports. It was the first time today when she saw a mannequin with hip dips like hers! Thank you Fenty, is what the fan tweeted.


Rihanna opened up about her own body changes, saying that it made her very aware of different sizes and shapes when designing. They had their fit models, as per the standard size from factories, but then she wanted to see it on her body and also on a curvaceous girl with heavier highs, booty, hips, now that she had boobs which she never had before! She added that all these were taken into consideration as she always wanted women to feel confident in her outfits. Fenty is not the only brand which has been displaying different mannequin sizes at their storefronts.

Nike also introduced a line-up of curvy mannequins at its upgraded London flagship store, as part of a special floor dedicated only to women, earlier this month. To celebrate diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space showed Nike plus-size mannequins for the first time on a retail space. The third level of the store now features an entire range of figures that sport multiple plus-sized and para-sport mannequins as well as extended options for shoppers for the first time ever in the company’s history. Nike’s announcement received very positive responses on Twitter, with most people confirming that this is a good direction to take.



Rihanna has been a star who was always body-positive, and at the Grammy’s in 2018, she was body-shamed but didn’t bother about what people and trolls spouted. In typical Rihanna style, the singer shook up everybody at the 2018 Grammys, with her latex coat to her incredible performance, which included the Gwara Gwara. But as people feel that women’s bodies are fodder for comment, many took to the Internet after Rihanna’s performance to start talking and speculating about her appearance. Rihanna has been body-shamed before and people have been speculating about her pregnancy since 2017 at least, when the media started commenting on her body size. Rihanna couldn’t care less!

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