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Poems about doctors

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Doctors, healers of mind and soul,
With hands that steady and hearts that know
The weight of lives they hold in trust,
Each day they fight the battles of the just.

With knowledge deep and skills refined,
They work to ease the pain of troubled minds,
Their strength and dedication never cease,
To bring healing and hope with gentle peace.

Through long nights and endless days,
They tirelessly tend to countless ways
To mend the broken and soothe the sore,
Their care for us will forever more.

With compassion and a steady will,
They guide us through life’s toughest ill,
Doctors, we thank you for all you do,
For the lives you save and the hearts you renew.


And as you walk the hallowed halls
Of hospitals, with white coats and stethoscopes,
Know that you are admired and loved,
For the noble work that you chose.


Doctors, the keepers of health and hope,
With wisdom and skill they help us cope
With illness, injury and disease,
Their work is a labor of love, never cease.

Through the darkest of times they stand tall,
With their stethoscope and white lab coat and all,
Guiding us to healing and recovery,
Their unwavering dedication, a shining example to see.

With hearts of gold and hands that heal,
Doctors, we are forever in your debt,
For the sacrifices you make and the lives you save,
We honor you, for the work you do is brave.


Doctors, the guardians of life,
With knowledge and expertise, they ease the strife,
Of ailments and injuries, big and small,
Their dedication to healing, stands tall.

With gentle hands and a listening ear,
They guide us through the pain and fear,
Their compassion and care, never ends,
As they work to heal and make amends.

Through the trials and tribulations,
They stand by us, with determination,
Doctors, we thank you for all you do,
For the healing and hope, you bring to me and you.

Being a doctor

Being a doctor is more than just a job,
It’s a calling, a duty, a noble slog,
To heal the sick and ease the pain,
To save lives and ease suffering, again and again.

It’s long hours and endless work,
It’s dealing with the unknown and the known murk,
It’s the weight of lives on your shoulders,
It’s the pressure to always be on the go, never to be a dozers.

It’s the joy of healing and the sorrow of loss,
It’s the triumph of success and the toll of the toss,
It’s the constant striving for knowledge and growth,
It’s the dedication to save lives, from birth to end of life’s oath.

Being a doctor is a challenging and rewarding path,
One that requires sacrifice, strength, and a heart of gold,
But in the end, it’s the impact we have on others,
That makes all the hard work worth the troubles.

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