National Boyfriend Day, Boyfriend Love Messages and Wishes


October 3 is observed as National Boyfriend Day. This day gives all brides a chance to do something nice for their boyfriends.

Celebrate October 3 with cute boyfriend quotes and long love messages for him. Make him feel special with romantic love messages for his boyfriend. Tell him how much you love him with long messages to send to your boyfriend.


We have the cutest collection of sweet and short messages for my boyfriend. We even have long distance love messages for your boyfriend that beautifully express your love for him. So find the best Happy National Boyfriend Day messages to send via Facebook, WhatsApp to your beloved boyfriend.

National Boyfriend Day: Boyfriend Love Messages and Wishes

Wishes messages for boyfriend’s day

  • “You are the love of my life, the reason for the smile on my face and I promise to always love you as I do…. Happy boyfriend’s day to you. “
  • “On the special occasion of Boyfriend’s Day, I send a lot of love and hugs to the one who rules my heart and also my life.”
  • “Meeting you was a mere coincidence, but having you in my life as the love of my life is a blessing…. Wishing you all the happiness and smiles on the Boyfriend’s Day. “
  • “I just want to tell you that I love you more and I will continue to love you, I will always be by your side, I will always be there for you…. Happy boyfriend’s day my love. “
  • “There is nothing in this world that brings me as much happiness as your love … Thank you for coming into my life and filling me with so much love … A warm wish for you on Boyfriend’s Day.”National Boyfriend Day: Boyfriend Love Messages and Wishes

Cute messages for the boyfriends on the National Boyfriend Day

  • My life changed the day you entered my life … I have no words to express how special you make me feel every day … Thank you for bringing so much love into my life … Best wishes on National Day of the Boyfriend.
  • Today is National Boyfriend Day, the day I can make you feel special…. On this day, I just want to tell you that I want to spend my whole life with you because you are my soulmate in every way.
  • I would love to marry you because all my life, I want to see you when I get up in the morning and see you before the end of my day… .. With much love, wishing you Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • Words fall short when it comes to expressing my feelings towards us…. All I can say is that you are my world, my sun, my smile, my happiness and my life…. I love you forever…. Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • I feel extremely lucky to have such a loving and caring boyfriend like you who pampers, loves and cares for me like no one else…. I wish you a happy National Boyfriend Day, honey.

Long distance romantic love messages for boyfriend

  • No distance can separate us, no distance can make me love you more because no matter where you are, you are always very close to me, in my heart, in my mind… .. Happy National Boyfriend Day to you.
  • Sometimes I feel that I have wings so I can fly to you every time I miss you, kiss you when I want to love you… .. On the occasion of National Boyfriend Day, I want this distance between us to disappear !!!
  • Blessed are those who can hug and love their boyfriends…. I ask God to bring you closer to me soon so that I too can feel lucky like the others…. I wish you a very happy National Boyfriend Day, honey.
  • Distance doesn’t matter when your hearts are connected… I love you every day, every moment of my life because you live in my heart and in my beats…. I send you my love on National Boyfriend Day.
  • On National Boyfriend Day, I thank technology for giving us so many ways to be connected and not feel the distance… for making it easier for us to see each other, hear the voices of others…. I love you a lot.National Boyfriend Day: Boyfriend Love Messages and Wishes

Sweet things to write on a card for your boyfriend

  • You are the one who has taught me to love and you have made me feel like a princess…. I love you !!!
  • To the man who has brought happiness and smiles to my life…. Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • Your presence in my life is the most beautiful blessing … I will love you forever and ever.
  • Only you have the magic power to make me smile and feel happy deep down.
  • Thank you for coming into my life and making it so beautiful…. Best wishes on National Boyfriend Day.

Romantic love card messages for boyfriend

  • “Love is when you hold me. Love is when you make me smile. Love is when you look at me. I love you honey. “
  • “There is something special about you that keeps drawing me to you and I would never want it to fade away.”
  • “Although everything changes over time, I really wish that the love you have for me never changes and always continues to fill my heart with more.”
  • “May the power of love we have always had inspire us, keep us happy and make this life a beautiful romantic life for both of us.”


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