National Beer Day Wishes, Beer Greetings Messages


National Beer Day is celebrated in the United States of America and Canada on April 7. It is the day the government legalized the purchase, sale and consumption of beer.

On this special day, people come together to celebrate by gathering outside the breweries and enjoying the beer. Send beautiful and fun National Beer Day text messages and quotes to your family and friends to wish them National Beer Lovers Day in the most special way.


National Beer Day Wishes – Beer Greetings Messages

Drinking beer is fun and when you have one more chance to drink beer with your friends, who in this world is going to miss this opportunity? Below are some National Beer Day wishes, funny text messages, and cute quotes that you can use to wish everyone around you.

Use these cute and fun text messages to wish your friends that Happy National Beer Day is the most surprising way.
  1. The best way to make friends is to relax with a bottle of beer. Cheers everyone on National Beer Day.
  2. Beer is the only thing you have left in the days of joy and sadness. Happy National Beer Day everyone.
  3. I am sending you this bottle of beer and a pizza to celebrate this day. Happy National Beer Day.
  4. Happy National Beer Day to all my friends. Celebrate this day by drinking gallons of beer. Health!
  5. Celebrating this day is God’s best blessing. Thank God I can drink as much as I want. Happy National Beer Day.
  6. Beer is the grown-up drink… Let’s celebrate National Beer Day to celebrate our adulthood by drinking tons of beer and having some gala time… To all my friends, I wish you a very happy National Beer Day blessed with much beer.
  7. Someday I want to grow up as an old man, sitting on the veranda of my house with my beer belly, enjoying another beer on National Beer Day and having the best time of my life, without worries that bother me…. Wishing the same for you on this incredible day !!
  8. The best way to turn a bad day into a good one is to end it with a beer with pizza and your favorite movie on TV…. My dear friend, I wish that you are blessed with such wonderful days more often…. Best wishes on National Beer Day.National Beer Day Wishes – Beer Greetings Messages
  9. There is only one thing that is always there to share your happy moments, to lift your spirits when you have lost the game, to make you smile when you are sad…. And that amazing thing my friend is BEER…. Let’s catch up for a beer session on National Beer Day.
  10. I would never miss the opportunity to have one more beer with you, my dear friend. Let’s join together and celebrate National Beer Lovers Day. Happy National Beer Day. Health!!
  11. Never in my life have I come across something called bad beer. It is simply that some taste better than others. Let’s get together to taste some better ones. Happy National Beer Day!
  12. Having one more reason to drink beer is like the most beautiful blessing from Almighty. Let’s celebrate this blessing with a big party tonight. Best wishes on National Beer Day, my friend.
  13. Whether you are happy or sad, there is one thing that can surely make you smile and that is BEER…. I wish you a wonderful National Beer Day, my friend. Health!!!
  14. There are only two occasions to drink beer… one is when you are happy and the other is when you are sad. Happy National Beer Lovers Day my friend … Have a wonderful day blessed with beer!
  15. On the occasion of National Beer Day, I ask God to bless you with an unlimited supply of beer for your entire life so that you only have happiness and peace in your life. Happy National Beer Day.
  16. When you are happy or sad and you have no one to share your feelings with, there is someone who will always calm your pain and that is BEER. Happy National Beer Day.National Beer Day Wishes – Beer Greetings Messages
  17. There are times when life seems challenging, but with a pint of beer, everything seems so easy and charming. This is the magic of this magical drink. Have a beer on National Beer Day.
  18. It is surely the best time of year when you can enjoy unlimited beer with your friends. Let’s celebrate all happy times by enjoying beer. Happy National Beer Day.
  19. Friend, if one day we don’t talk or we have a fight, just buy me beer and come share it with me and I’ll forgive you for the worst of the things you’ve done … Greetings on the occasion of National Beer Day my friend !!!


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