More Than Just Her ‘Reputation’: How Taylor Swift Has Touched the Hearts of Her Loyal Fans


It’s not a secret that not all celebrities treat others nicely, with some of them even getting caught on camera being rude to their fans.

In a perfect world, Hollywood superstars would be kind to their supporters who have remained loyal to them throughout their careers – after all, they owe their success to them. Unfortunately, in reality, not all of them appreciate their followers.

However, those who do, find creative means to prove just how much they adore their fans, with some even travelling hundreds of miles to touch the lives of their fans.

Reaching Out to Fans

By now we should know that what we see on social media and on the television isn’t exactly the same in real life.

It’s hard to understand what the person is truly like when the camera is off, so whenever there’s a random act of kindness toward a fan, it is always comforting to know that somehow, both on and off-camera, they are genuinely down-to-earth.


Some are so discreet about these random acts of generosity that they even announce it to the world, but we find out about it anyway. This was what multi-award-winning singer Taylor Swift did for a fan in October last year.

How Swift differs from other celebrities who are nice to their fans is that, she is known as a person who knows how to make her supporters feel special through random kind gestures.

Swifties, or what the loyal followers of the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer are called, understand how their idol has her own way to make their hearts skip a beat.

Case in point, one of her fans, 19-year-old Sadie Bartell took to Twitter to ask for help regarding the mounting medical expenses of her mother who went into a coma just two days before she attended the singer’s concert.

Helping a Fan in Need

Taylor Swift helped a fan whose mother had been in a coma for three years by donating to their GoFundMe account

Taylor Swift helped a fan whose mother had been in a coma for three years by donating to their GoFundMe account

Fearing that she would lose their house in Orem, Utah, Sadie asked for her friends’ financial help. She added in the post that she was thankful for Swift, who had greatly kept her sane all throughout the struggle.

Little did she know that her idol heard her cries and secretly gave $15,500 to the account, which was signed by the singer and her two cats, Meredith and Olivia.

Sadie couldn’t believe her eyes that the woman she admires so much would do such a kind deed and took to the microblogging platform to share her surprise and express her gratitude toward Swift.

The fan also posted a lengthier message on Facebook appreciating the country singer-turned-pop star for being not just an awesome role model but a kind soul as well.

Helping Is a Norm

The pop star has been known to be kind and generous to her loyal supporters

The pop star has been known to be kind and generous to her loyal supporters

Meanwhile, this certainly wasn’t the first time that the blonde singer had extended a limb to her fans. She had been liking posts and messages randomly on social media sites, which obviously made her fans’ day.

However, as evident in Sadie’s case, Swift is also extremely generous to her supporters and at the same time, don’t brag about it on TV or social media as much as she can and as much as she could leverage from it.

Earlier last year, one fan, Stephanie, shared a tale that could melt Swifties’ hearts all over the world.

According to the supporter who narrated the entire event on the Swift Life app, she was then a pregnant woman who had been homeless for eight months, which was a result of several factors.

Unbeknown to her, her mom asked the celebrity if she could somehow make Stephanie feel special when she attends the 2015 show at Manchester, United Kingdom.

Taylor Swift gave a struggling pregnant fan a house

Taylor Swift gave a struggling pregnant fan a house

You probably think that Stephanie would just get a shout-out on stage, but no. After the show, the “Love Story” singer took her fan backstage and revealed that it was the mom who reached out to her.

Then, Swift said she would return the money they used to buy for the ticket, but in reality, she ended up giving a whole lot more for the then-expectant – she gave the pregnant woman a house and baby things!

As a closing note, Tay-Tay said she wanted her fan to enjoy her baby and not to worry anymore.

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