Meaning of Dreams Betrayal, Infidelity, Your Partner Cheating on You


Dream meanings about Betrayal or Infidelity, your partner or your friend betraying you, being unfaithful, cehating on you. What does Betrayal or Infidelity mean, Dream interpretations.

Dreams about being betrayed in dreams are mostly due to psychological doubts. The feeling of doubt recorded by the subconscious arises through dreams.

Betrayed in a Dream

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Betrayed in a Dream

To see that you have been betrayed in your dream is interpreted as obstacles to success in your work, where your trust in those around you decreases. According to another expression, the betrayal of the person indicates that he is around people who talk behind his back and smile in his face.

Dreaming of Being Accused of Betrayal

To see that you are accused of betrayal in your dream indicates that you will progress in business life by getting support from your environment. To see that you are accused of betrayal in your dream means that the dreamer will sign important partnerships in business life and will live the life of his dreams in a short time where he will take firm steps towards success.

Seeing Being Betrayed by your spouse in a Dream

To see that you are betrayed by your spouse in your dream indicates that you will be in despair. It is also interpreted that the person who sees the dream will have difficulties with the people around him by fear of losing.


To see that you are betrayed your spouse is interpreted that your compassion will increase and you will be more loyal to your spouse. Seeing betrayal in a dream indicates that the fear of losing is dominant among the spouses.


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Dreaming of forgiving a betrayal

Dreaming of forgiveness means, above all, peace, optimism and hope. However, the act of forgiving the betrayal itself, in the dream can reveal that you are not in the right conditions to make important decisions. It may be related to the lack of ability to distinguish right from wrong. Try to analyze if you are really in a position to make the right decisions.

Dreaming that your friend betrays you

The dream is not always linked to that friend who appeared in the dream. Dreaming of a friend’s betrayal indicates surprises that will come into your life, both good and bad.

Betraying Oneself in a Dream

To see that you betray yourself in your dream indicates that you will experience resentment and sadness in your love affair. It is rumored that betraying oneself in a dream will lead to an unavoidable and unstoppable rise in one’s business, successes will not be interrupted, troubles and difficulties will end in a short time, and even if they have problems, every trouble will remain in the household.

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