Meaning of Dreams About Urinating, Peeing, Interpretation of Urine Dreams


What does it mean to dream about urine? Interpretation of Urine Dreams, peeing on clothes in a dream, drinking urine.

Many people worldwide dream of urinating. This is a somewhat ordinary dream, since it corresponds to one of the basic needs of the being. Those who dream about this the most are children and the elderly. But the interpretation of the meaning is what really matters.

Meaning of Dreams About Urinating


Meaning of Dreams About Urinating

Dreaming of urinating has certain aspects of the environment and the experience of the dreamer. These dreams are usually quite underestimated by people because of the frequency with which they dream. That is, little attention is paid to them. However, it contains a message about personality or way of being, important.

The act of urinating denotes control over the urinary sphincter. When we usually dream about this, it is certainly referring to the control we have or do not have over our life. That can be related to emotions being approached with a lot of trust and honesty.

Dreaming while urinating refers to the purification of emotions that can accumulate as a result of still vague contexts. When urinating, any emotional tension is released by evacuating undesirable aspects. If you are one who just dreamed of urinating, here in this post we have good information.


What does it mean to dream about urine?

One of the ways that you can dream is that you drink your own urine. In this way, the brain transmits a message in which you go through a process of self-understanding. You are getting to know aspects of your personality that were a mystery, or you are looking for answers about them.

In the same way, you want internal things to flow naturally, on a daily basis. Also, when you see urine, there may be a sense of relief. With this, one interpretation is one of spiritual liberation. A fight or a debt could have been completely resolved.



If you dream that you wet the bed, it means that you have no control of your emotions. This type of dream is the one that speaks the most about your personality. If you get angry or hurt, you often say or do things just to hurt. If you do, there may be resentful people around you who don’t feel comfortable with your company.

This can lead to not being in control of your life without knowing how to handle situations. The message is that you require greater maturity to face problems. Finally, seeing urine may mean that you are tied to the past. Probably a deadlock and you need to fix that immediately.

What is the meaning of dreaming about peeing?

There are various interpretations of this dream. One of them is liberation. Another may be excesses of life. If you urinate in public, you may be missing more privacy in your life.

You may have given a lot of yourself in public and now everyone is talking about you. This can be more prevalent within the family. Some members may be meddling in your personal affairs more than necessary. You must handle this situation of intrusion in your personal affairs so as not to be rude and hurt a member.

Another interpretation may be that you have something to say in public. It can be a secret or some important information, good or bad. The dream may be recurring until you get that information.


To dream of urinating in quantity or urinating in excess is that you may be living a daily life of excesses. In this case the body is alerting you that you live quickly without any care. Dreaming that you urinate a lot will allow you to evaluate yourself so that you begin to discard toxic attitudes.



Someone else peeing

If you see someone else who pees, you may feel rejection or repudiation. It doesn’t matter if he is male or female. Also, it is a message that there is someone who will not agree with you in personal or work matters. If you are single, and you see another person urinate and you feel sexual desire, it means that you like that person.

Finally, the dream with a bad message would be to dream of peeing with blood. This is an indication that there is some danger or problem very close. It can be a family or work confrontation that will distance the relationship for time. It may also be a friendship, so the relationship will not end well at all.

What does it mean to dream that you pee?

Dreaming that you pee, there may be situations in your life that pressure you. But if you dream that you pee in bed, and you wake up and you are, the body needed to go to the bathroom. Another meaning is that there may be health problems. To do this, go to the doctor for a routine checkup.

Dreaming of peeing on clothes involves life and the control you have over it. Your performances may be improvised or a product of intuition. However, errors in the results say that your actions are reprehensible. To do this, review your life, so that you fix those negative aspects of you.

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