Meaning of Dreams About Killing A Snake, Cutting The Head of The Snake


What does killing a snake in a dream mean? Meaning of dreams about cutting the snake’s head, killing many snakes, burning a snake.


Dreams About Killing a Snake

Dreaming of this reptile almost always brings bad omens, but in this context, most of the time they are good signs. Dreaming that you have killed a snake indicates that you must remain alert, as it represents the need of your subconscious to reverse a negative feeling that you have.


These dreams usually refer to our internal problems, to the difficulties we experience, to the obstacles that appear in our way. Some of them can be easily solved, but those that are arduous and long-lasting steal our calm.

Dreaming that you kill a snake reveals more about your progress as a person, as a spirit, than about your future as such. If before facing obstacles was synonymous with going backwards, now it means facing and moving forward, even if you have to do it completely alone. It refers to walking alone, without anyone’s support, and we are not talking about a physical path, which further demonstrates the clarity of your convictions, your self-esteem and your knowledge of yourself.

Everything in life is learning, but there are always those who do not learn with those first lessons. This dream comes to warn you that you should take advantage of the teachings of life, mature at the time that nature dictates because that way you will suffer less.


But this is just a general interpretation. Next, we have compiled other contexts of this dream along with their respective meanings. Try to remember as many details from your dream and read on to find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

If you dream of killing many snakes

Dreaming that you kill many snakes indicates that you are going through problems and difficulties of the most varied levels and aspects, which makes it difficult to focus on just one at a time.

Another meaning of the dream in which you kill many snakes refers to your health. Some diseases manifest at a certain point in the body and then spread throughout the body, which certainly causes a lot of concern.

If you dream of killing a snake with an ax or knife

Generally, dreams in which sharp and cutting instruments appear indicate the desire to nip evil in the bud, so dreaming that you kill a snake with an ax indicates that your intention is to eliminate someone from your life who should not be there.

If you dream of killing a snake by cutting off its head

Dreaming that you kill a snake by cutting off its head is reminiscent of the story of the hero Perseus, from Greek mythology, who killed Medusa, the monster that had snakes instead of hair, by cutting off his head.

Legend has it that by decapitating her, two other characters were born: the winged horse Pegasus and the golden giant Chrysaor, so this dream indicates that you have the power to transform something that disturbs you immeasurably into other positive things, all you need is to have value for it.

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Dream that you kill a snake that has stung you

Dreaming that you kill a snake that has stung you is nothing more than a clear representation of the law of action and reaction. Of course, it is necessary to reflect, after all, getting to perform an act of extreme violence like the one in the dream is an exaggeration, and precisely this is the exact point to which you should pay attention. Are your reactions to what happens to you proportionate?

Dream of killing a snake by setting it on fire

Dreaming that you kill a snake with fire is the maximum symbol of animal extermination, since fire does not usually leave traces or mortal remains. We can interpret this dream as your desperate desire to annihilate once and for all something that disturbs you to the point of affecting your routine, unbalancing you, and this is unacceptable to you.

If you dream that another person kills a snake

Psychological dependency. To dream that another person kills a snake indicates to what extent you continue to believe that you need the help of others, or of a certain person, to solve your daily problems.

As long as you nurture this false idea within yourself, your spiritual growth and maturity will continue to be precarious. You need to become independent and determined to solve your problems, whether they are external or internal, so start doing it.

Dream that you kill a black snake

Recovery of emotional and/or psychological health. This dream represents the return of healthy, pure and harmonic conditions of some of the points mentioned at the beginning and that make up health in its entirety.

It seems that you have been suffering and dealing with both your own negativity and that of others. Now you can be calm, you have almost 100% rehabilitated yourself, which does not mean that you can lower your guard.

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If the snake you killed was green

To dream that you kill a green snake portrays your envy, your greed, your jealousy or even a broken heart for a person or for something that you want and do not have.

The main objective of this dream is to show you how difficult it is for you to overcome this situation, making you intolerant and a prisoner of that senseless desire, since nothing external can have so much power over us. Reevaluate everything that is happening and think if it is not time to seek help to get things back on track.

Dream that you kill a snake and eat it

Maturity. Dreaming that you kill a snake and eat it indicates that you know how to take advantage of the most difficult phases of your life, learning and evolving. Now you are much more sure of yourself, you are a better strategist and braver, because you know that you have learned the lessons that life has given you.

Dream of killing a snake that appears after another in its place

To dream that you kill a snake and another one appears in its place means that your worries never come to an end, they do not flow. You always think and develop negative possibilities before what bothers you and in this way you open more and more doors, without closing any of them. Find a solution and accept it, full stop.


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