Meaning of Dreams About Elephants, What Does Elephant Mean In A Dream


What does it mean to dream of an elephant? Dreaming about white, gray, black elephant, elephants swimming, flying, dead elephants, interpretations.

Dreams About Elephants

Dreaming of an elephant means happiness, success, abundance and a lot of loyalty in your life. If you have seen an elephant in a dream, the omen is very good luck in every way; and seeing a herd is a sign of great prosperity. The frightened elephants are sure of many sincere friends.

Dreams About Elephants

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To dream that you feed elephants is a pregnancy of social success. Riding an elephant is an announcement of sheer luck in business. When, in dreams, angry or aggressive elephants appear, it is a sign of obstacles, but with a quick solution.

Hunt or kill an elephant, beware of losses and minor accidents. If you saw an elephant performing, know that your greatest aspiration will be achieved.

Dreaming of an elephant, in a general way, indicates that you are going through moments of modification in your life, being that some of them can be quite radical, either on the positive side or on the negative side.


The meaning of dreaming about an elephant also leads to moments of luck and abundance in business and, if you are a prudent person, you will be able to obtain good results, depending on the dream and the attitudes you take by trusting your subconscious.

The dream with an elephant can still represent love and affection in the family, the sense of responsibility towards the most needy and needy people.

For women, dreaming of an elephant is a good sign: it can signify the approach of a new relationship, a rich man, who will be affectionate and devoted to the family.

Dream About White Elephant

Dreaming of a white elephant indicates the purchase of something important to your life, informing that you are taking possession of some real estate or financial assets. The dream with a white elephant can also represent a spiritual revelation or vision, revealing that you will soon have the answer to all your questions, both related to the spiritual and material side.

Dream About Black Elephant

Dreaming of a black elephant is a sign that you are close to finding your position in life. Black conveys sophistication and luxury and elephant signifies abundance. When you put the two together, the symbology informs you that you will have a means of becoming a wealthy person.

Dream About Gray Elephant

Dreaming of a gray elephant is pregnant with moments of peace and happiness in your family life, with much joy and abundance, indicating that you are achieving the freedom that you were looking for so much and being all this a reflection of your professional performance.


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Dream About Elephant Swimming

Dreaming of an elephant swimming indicates something negative in your life. A swimming elephant can represent future problems, especially at work, with some somewhat complicated situations that require a lot of your attention and dedication. The dream also shows that you should react to that situation in a natural and rational way, without being carried away by worry, anxiety or negativism. This is a problem that will not take long to resolve, and therefore you do not need to be very alarmed.

Dreaming of an elephant taking a bath

Dreaming of an elephant taking a bath has a quite positive interpretation for your emotional life: the dream indicates that you will get closer to a person who will become very friendly, bringing great opportunities for your social advancement.

Dreaming of an elephant drinking water

Dreaming of an elephant drinking water indicates that the future and near time will bring great benefits in your professional life, being able to have a promotion or salary increase. Prepare to receive a responsibility that has been your goal for a long time.


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Dreaming of an elephant carrying people

Dreaming of an elephant carrying people is an extremely positive dream, meaning that no matter what goals you have in mind, they will be achieved with your effort and dedication. At work or in business, the dream of an elephant carrying people shows that you will have around you the people who depend on you and that you will give all the support so that you can get what is necessary for the subsistence of these people.

Dream about flying elephant

Dreaming of an elephant flying indicates travel in a short time. As the elephant is a symbol more inclined to abundant life, the dream can indicate business trips, leading you to conquer more space in your professional life, with contacts that will bring many benefits, mainly from people and companies from abroad.

Dream About Dead Elephant

Dreaming of a dead elephant is a negative omen, indicating that something is going to hinder your plans, or that you will lose a good opportunity to achieve your goals. Even if something happens that makes you feel discouraged, keep going. If something didn’t work the first time, you can try again, relying on your experience.

Dream about many elephants

Dreaming of many elephants is a pretty positive sign. As the elephant is a symbol of abundance and wisdom, you can predict a period of wealth and prosperity in your future, reaching your personal and professional interests, making good profits in your business. Always be weighted, making the best decisions and carefully planning what you do, thus being able to count on the support of well-known people, friends and family, who will also be interested in profiting with you.

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