First of all, let’s make a few remarks about our title: Does Matrix Resurrections (2021) really count as a “sequel”? Of course it counts. On the other hand, has the famous “Matrix Trilogy” become “Matrix Quadrilogy” with this movie?

No. We can’t say it happened because, as the title of the movie clearly says (Resurrection), after the trilogy that ended “cleanly”, it started all over again.there is a movie. We do not know whether a new trilogy will emerge by shooting Matrix 5 and 6 in the future, but it is a fact that the conditions are suitable for this. Another point is the nostalgia that we are heavily exposed to in the movie. This can really be a driving force that makes the movie take away and fun for the audience, or, if we use the concept of “driving force” quite astray from its meaning, on the contrary , it can become a feature that alienates and alienates Matrix fans from the movie.


In short, we have before us a production that will gain admiration or satire completely with the expectations of the audience. Rightly speaking, “Can’t this be said for every movie?” You might say, but for Matrix Resurrections , it’s on the fringes. If you are going to the cinema with the expectation of a movie full of action and fight scenes that “restarted” the series as we mentioned above and deeply affected the cinema scene as it did in 1999, then you probably won’t talk much about this movie after watching it. When you see a cat, turn to your neighbors and say, “They changed something!” You won’t need to make the joke. In this respect, it is a good choice that they did not name the movie “Matrix Reboot”, because there is no movie that meets the expectations we have just described.

On the other hand , if you’ve visited the fourth movie after watching The Matrix in 1999 or more or less in the years when the first trilogy was released, about 15-20 years ago, it is possible that you will leave the movie with more positive emotions. Because, as we said, the feeling of nostalgia permeates almost every frame of the movie. Before moving on to the spoiler part of the article , let me share my own opinion, to explain with a sentence from the Terminator universe ( Skynet became self-aware ), I am not used to the fact that the Matrix has gained consciousness , or I have not warmed up yet . On the other hand, based on this personal opinion, Matrix ResurrectionsI can’t call ‘a bad movie either, it’s a carefully written, quality production that I enjoyed watching. Let’s just repeat our argument that “Everyone’s taste will determine their expectation about the movie”. I will explain what I mean when I say Matrix has gained consciousness in the rest of the article, although it is not a movie that contains spoilers / spoilers in real terms , if you haven’t watched the movie, it would be useful not to read the rest of it. A final note: Do not leave the movie theater immediately after the movie is over, there is a short surprise at the end of the credits.



A Sea of ​​Reference

What we see in the opening scene of the movie is quite confusing because it’s almost exactly the same as the opening of the first Matrix movie I watched in completely different conditions in 1999. At this stage, while I was thinking, “So Lana Wachowski wanted to pay homage to the first movie that started it all,” Wachowski gets the word. and in a sense, “The first movie was beautiful, wasn’t it, dear audience?” He pastes his sentence metaphorically in the middle of the screen with gilded letters. From here on, if you’re thinking that “a few references to previous movies may be allowed in sequels”, I’m sorry because Matrix Resurrections in a sense, it can even be summarized as “a reference to the first film and the trilogy from start to finish”, not just a few references, but rather a few hundred.

Thomas Anderson ( Keanu Reeves ) is introduced as a character who designed a computer game called The Matrix and continues his life as a designer, he has Matrix figures on his desk , he encounters Matrix fans in his daily life , at the company meeting he says, “A fourth part of Warner Brothers’ original video game trilogy. The demand for adding a Matrix version” is debatable, in short, for those who have been fans of the Matrix since the 2000s , the movie and real life are so intertwined that the movie almost takes on a documentary feel in some scenes. After all, in real life , “The Matrix on his deskThere are definitely thousands of programmers who fit the definition of “computer programmer with figurines”. Even though I’m not a computer expert, I had two Matrix figures on my desk in the early 2000s .

In fact, at this point, Lana Wachowski and her script team really did a very delicate job, and let’s face it, the idea of ​​bringing the theme of the distortion of the perception of reality in the film to real life is almost ingenious. While watching the movie, we also; Through the Matrix ‘s 20-year legacy and massive influence on popular culture, it must have been meant to question the reality we live in. On the other hand, although this idea looks very good on paper, it unfortunately does not have the same impressive stance when reflected on the screen. As I said, aside from questioning the reality we live in, it even gives the impression of a documentary from time to time. Lana Wachowski asked a character in the movie, “How are we going to shoot The Matrix 4?” when you say this word (Although Matrix 4 ) intended to be understood in the context of “the continuation of the Matrix video game” by us, the audience, and the reference to real life intended to make us smile a little, the opposite happens: When I hear this sentence, I can’t get over the thought that “the movie is doing an auto-referral”, Personally , I had to remind myself in a few scenes while watching that the word Matrix in the movie actually meant a video game.

Of course, it is also useful to underline the connotation of “imply” in the word “send”, because the references in Matrix Resurrections are far from implied, rather there are references that are brought into our eyes. Applying what Wachowski did to other films, Ridley Scott adds a “funny” scene to the sequel to Alien , in which the creature is revealed to be actually a costume worn by an actor, or that the shuttle is a very difficult thing in the Interstellar sequel, although the main character is not required. It ‘s like turning to his side and saying, “The lockdown maneuver was my favorite scene in the movie Between the Stars ” before he puts it into a maneuver. At this point, Matrix Resurrections’to come out of a character, just Jodorowsky ‘s Holy Mountain ‘ looking at the camera, as doing “the moment you’re watching a movie, this movie, it’s all a hoax!” I guess we should count ourselves lucky that he didn’t yell at me.

Consciousness of the Matrix

Since 1999, so much has been said about the Matrix, documentaries have been shot, books have been written, and the effects of the Matrix have appeared in so many films that if we followed all these side developments and the effects of the film closely, we would always be exposed to the same / similar content. we would be nauseous. One might wonder if this is what happened to Lana Wachowski , because there is a considerable “think by my side” attitude in the script of the film, just like Audrey Tautou , who heard the sentence “Thanks to Amélie , you have now become the symbol of France ” during an interview . Kill Your Darlings to the point where he leaves the interview, or to shake Potter off Daniel Radcliffe .and the Swiss Army Man movies. In the movie, during the discussions on what basis the continuation of the video game The Matrix should be based on, we are exposed to several unfiltered versions about “what the first Matrix means to everyone”, for example, and then in these and similar ways, the movie mocks itself and the universe it creates, with itself. kidding.



The movie and Lana Wachowski ‘s mockery of the universe she created by saying, “I’m fully aware of how much space the Matrix occupies in your lives, how much you love this universe,” maybe a nice touch to some, a punk shout, a revolutionary approach that breaks the rules, or the fourth wall. It may sound like a sweet shake, but die-hard fans won’t be too pleased. Because if he is making fun of the Matrix franchise , which has become an important part of their lives for 10, 15 or 20 years , as well as the creator of that industry, and moreover, in the sequel of the series, this situation should not be pleasant for the fans of that series, to say the least. Stephen King one dayIn a press statement issued by , he looked into the eyes of all his fans and said, “How passionately you read the ridiculous novels I wrote, how you believed that I was a good writer, I am more and more surprised by this every day!” a bit like leaving the place after having a fit of laughter.

Fan Service

It may be thought that the concept of fan service (keeping the fans pleasant) lies behind the shooting of Matrix Resurrections in this way , but as far as we know through interviews and social media posts , Lana Wachowski and her sister Lilly Wachowski (although she did not direct this movie) also have this idea . I don’t think he would prefer to go that way. The fact that he makes fun of his own production is perhaps based on the idea that twenty years later , no one will find the concept of The Matrix impressive, whereas 9 out of 10 people who will watch this sequel will go to the movies or sit in front of the screen, most likely because they find the idea of ​​”virtual reality” interesting. Terminator , Star WarsWe encountered fan service in franchised productions such as Marvel (especially Deadpool ) , but it wasn’t very disturbing because it was left in moderation. In the sequels of Terminator , they made different characters say the phrases “come with me if you want to live” or “I will come back” to different characters, for example, the audience also smiled and passed, but if Schwarzenegger came out in a sequel and said, “I think T2 was the best in the series”, then the limit was crossed and the naughtyness kicked in. is happening.

The best example of this is perhaps Deadpool , because there, too, the protagonist (and production) was constantly making fun of himself, but even this excess was unobtrusive for two reasons. First, the consistency in the adaptation (in the comics, the character ignores the fourth wall and always makes fun of himself), and secondly, the fact that the movie is Deadpool ! In other words, there is no character who will try to take himself seriously, in fact, just because he follows a path in this way, he also arouses respect. Matrix as a franchise that philosophy books have been written about, which can be mentioned side by side with “action / drama” and even “horror / thriller” genres when we look at it as a genre.He really didn’t need to make fun of himself. Or at least this mocking shouldn’t have been done so intensely.


The fact that Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) have agreed to play in this sequel is undoubtedly the biggest plus of the movie. Of course , after the fact that the director was Lana Wachowski , who also wrote and directed the original trilogy , because if it had been shot with another director, we could have encountered a very different production, perhaps unfamiliar to the original trilogy, but fortunately, this is not the case in Matrix Resurrections . The first three we know from the film, another player in the role of Niobe Jada Pinkett Smith , of course, by that peace lasted 60 years, provides Trinity Neo Niobe because it is at least 80-odd years, ten of makeup under Pinkett SmithIt’s not easy to get to know. Lastly , let’s not forget Lambert Wilson , who plays the legendary Merovingian from previous films , even though his character is busy swearing in almost every scene.

When we come to the new faces in the Matrix universe , it is necessary to mention Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus and Jonathan Groff as Agent Smith . Abdul-Mateen II, which we remember from the remake of Candyman , easily proves that he is a character actor in this movie as well. Jonathan Groff’s job was even more difficult, as Agent Smith is perhaps even more of a cult character than Morpheus , but he also successfully handled this uncanny role. Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the Analyst , also showed his usual quality of acting, and in my opinion, some of the best lines in the movie (While you are softly yearning for the things you can’t have and living in fear of losing what you have, that’s the definition of reality for 99% of the human species. ) has been entrusted to him.

On the other hand, Jessica Henwick as Bugs is clearly the most scene-stealing actress among the supporting roles and, thanks to Matrix Resurrections , is proving that she is a talent that can carry an entire movie on her own. If the sentence “Henwick is not in the supporting role” comes to mind, let us remind you that in every scene played by Reeves , Moss and Pinkett Smith , all the other characters are in the supporting roles. Not in terms of actors, but more in terms of the characters they portray. Watching Jessica Henwick as a “new Trinity” in this movie would have been quite an acceptable change, but Wachowski didn’t choose that path. by the wayEven if a director considers Henwick for the role of another strong female character, Motoko Kusanagi ( Ghost in the Shell ), we wouldn’t say no.



Let’s end this talkative article with a few points that we think about and/or admire while watching the movie and after: Neo and Trinity are both coded as two people living in the same neighborhood, although they should “keep away from each other” in the Matrix, if not in capsules. The fact that the DNA codes of strawberries produced in the real world were created by utilizing the codes in the Matrix, and that the “real strawberry taste” was thus approached by working in partnership with machines. Problems caused by machines using Modals to improve themselves. The fact that Neo’s peace treaty with the machines actually took a long time. Agent Smith’s ability to access deleted programs, moreover, to collaborate with Neo, I would also like to talk about the concept of “source code” and many other issues that are expressed during the re-creation of Neo and Trinity by machines, and to touch on the Matrix universe from a technical point of view, but all these details are overshadowed by the popular culture references that dominate the film. It obviously doesn’t make much sense to touch on the subjects that are pushed into the background and ridiculed by the film itself.

In conclusion, let’s repeat what we said at the beginning, your opinion of Matrix Resurrections depends entirely on what expectations you go to the movie. If you’re going to sit in the movie theater (or living room) in anticipation of new content, a new cinematic sensation, or even “the dizzying visual effects 20 years from now”, it’s pretty hard to like the movie, and it might even make you have a bad day for the rest of your day. On the other hand, if you are going to sit on the couch with the aim of “revisiting an old friend, chatting with him on any subject”, it means that you will leave the movie with more positive emotions. Long story short, in either case, it won’t be a “great movie” or a “cinematic masterpiece”, but with a famous Matrix phrase ( Free your mind).In other words, when you watch your mind free of all expectations and prejudices, you can leave 148 minutes behind without getting too emotionally hurt.


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