Mastering the Art of Using “Gives” in English: Rules and Examples


Improve your English writing skills with our expert guide on the verb “gives.” Learn how to use “gives” correctly in different tenses and contexts, and explore examples of its usage in everyday sentences. Start mastering the art of using “gives” today!

Use Gives in a Sentence - How to use "Gives" in a sentence

Definition of Gives

Gives” is the third-person singular form of the verb “give”. It means to provide or transfer something to someone or something else, often as a gift or a form of assistance. For example, “She gives generously to charity” or “He gives his time to volunteer work.” It can also refer to the act of conveying a message or piece of information, such as “The study gives insight into the causes of climate change.”

How is “Gives” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Gives”?

“Gives” is a verb in English that is used to describe an action of providing or transferring something to someone or something else. Here are some rules for using “gives” in English:

  1. “Gives” is used in the present tense for third-person singular subjects, such as “he gives” or “she gives.”
  2. It is often used with an object, such as “She gives him a gift” or “He gives the ball to his friend.”
  3. “Gives” can also be used with an indirect object to show who is receiving the gift or action, such as “She gives her sister a book.”
  4. It can be used in various tenses, including present, past, and future. For example, “She gave me a book yesterday” or “He will give a speech tomorrow.”
  5. “Gives” can also be used figuratively to describe actions such as providing information or knowledge. For example, “The book gives an overview of the topic.”

It is important to use “gives” appropriately in context and to make sure that the subject and object agree in number and tense.


How to use the word Gives in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences that use the word “gives” in different ways:

  1. She gives generously to charity every year.
  2. He gives his time to volunteer work at the local hospital.
  3. The teacher gives homework assignments every day.
  4. The company gives its employees a paid vacation every year.
  5. The doctor gives her patients personalized care and attention.
  6. The chef gives the dish a unique twist by adding unexpected ingredients.
  7. The musician gives a breathtaking performance at the concert.
  8. The book gives readers a glimpse into the author’s personal life.
  9. The coach gives his team a pep talk before the big game.
  10. The presenter gives a compelling argument for their case.
  11. The philanthropist gives a large donation to the university.
  12. The artist gives the painting a final touch before presenting it to the gallery.
  13. The professor gives a lecture on the history of art.
  14. The gardener gives the plants enough water and sunlight to thrive.
  15. The therapist gives her patient emotional support and guidance.
  16. The mechanic gives the car a thorough inspection before handing it back to the owner.
  17. The weather report gives an accurate forecast for the week ahead.
  18. The news article gives a summary of the latest events.
  19. The company gives its customers a satisfaction guarantee.
  20. The tour guide gives an informative tour of the city’s landmarks.

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