Kiss Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes


Kissing your loved one is an integral part of any relationship. It makes the bond between lovers stronger and more romantic.

Kissing can help you rid yourself of tons of unnecessary pain and anxiety. Kiss day is a beautiful day for lovers to get closer and spend a few romantic moments kissing and caressing! But the first thing you need to get closer to your lover is a romantic wish for kiss day. Kiss day wishes are the ultimate tools you need to impress your lover. Here is a collection of messages and wishes for you on the day of the kiss. You can send these kiss day wishes and messages to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or the person you like!

Kiss Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Happy kiss day

  • You are the only person I want to kiss for the rest of my life. Happy KISS day!
  • I have so many ways to show my love for you, but on this day, I prefer to start everything with a kiss. Happy kiss day my love.
  • Of everything that tastes sweet, your lips are the sweetest. I can’t wait to start my day with a passionate kiss from you! Happy KISS day.
  • Your kiss has a healing power that banishes all my worries. Happy kiss day, my love.
  • I have a box full of surprises for you, but the one that you will love the most is for your lips. I can’t wait to give it to you. Happy KISS day.
  • Happy kiss day to you. Your one kiss can make my day better. i love you
  • There is no greater gift than a sweet kiss from you on my lips. Happy kiss day, baby!
  • Dear husband, Happy kiss day! Thank you for all your love and support. Many warm kisses for you on this special day. I love you.
  • Dear girlfriend, Wishing you a warm and beautiful kissing day full of many kisses.
  • Happy kiss day, dear boyfriend. Your kisses make me feel loved. I love you darling.
  • Sometimes I can’t find the words to express my love for you; that’s why I prefer kisses to words. Missing you so much on this day.
  • Love is complete when two lovers’ lips meet. Kissing me is always a comforting and heavenly feeling for me! Happy KISS day.
  • Nothing can be more precious than a kiss from your loved one. Happy Kissing Day and forward happy Valentine’s Day!
    Kiss Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Kiss day quotes for boyfriend

  • Dear love, wishing you a warm and lovely kiss day. Much love and kisses for you.
  • I love the way you hold me in your arms and kiss me on the lips. I want a lot of them, especially on this day. Happy kiss day dear!
  • You take me to wonderland when you kiss me. I can’t wait any longer to meet you today. I wish you a happy kiss day, my love!
  • You are the man of my dream and the king of my world. You make me feel special with your sweet kisses. Happy KISS day!
  • My dear boyfriend, your sweet kisses give me the energy to fight with my daily routine. Thank you for always loving and encouraging me. Happy KISS day. i love you
    Kiss Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Kiss day quotes for girlfriend

  • Happy kiss day my love. A kiss a day takes away my loneliness.
  • Your lips are softer than a butter roll and sweeter than a jar full of honey. I want nothing more than a kiss from you today!
  • You can kill anyone with your eyes and bring them to life again with a kiss. I can’t be your first victim. Happy KISS day!
  • I want you to kiss me so hard that you suck all my blood. I wouldn’t mind if you are revealed to be a vampire. Happy KISS day!
  • Honey, on this special day, I want to pour my love on you. Always remember, I’m just one kiss away. Happy kiss day and I love you.
  • Love has no language, but we can always express it with our hugs and kisses. A sweet kiss for you, darling. Happy kiss day, my dear!
  • Your lips are half the reason why I fall in love with you every day. Today, all I want is to kiss you on the lips.

Kiss day wishes for wife

  • Happy kiss day my dear love. May our love flourish in time. Let’s have a great day together. Lot of kisses for you.
  • For me, the best way to express my love for you is to close my lips with yours. I want to kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before! Happy kiss day wife!
  • Your sweet kisses are like a raindrop falling on my heart. Your love is my last hope on a desert island. Happy KISS day!
    Kiss Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Kiss day wishes for husband

  • On this special day of the kiss, many hugs and kisses to my dear husband.
  • You don’t always have to put into words how much you love me; Sometimes a humble kiss from you is enough to melt my heart! Happy KISS day!
  • Your kiss energizes my soul and keeps my heart warm. I forget everything around me when you hold me tight and kiss me on the forehead. Happy kiss day, husband!
  • To the best husband in the world, Happy kiss day. Thank you for all your kisses that made me feel loved.
  • Every day my day begins with your warm kiss and also ends with your kiss. I love you very much, my dear husband. Happy kiss day to you.
  • I can tell you in a thousand words how much I love you, but honey, you and I both know that a simple kiss can do more than that. Happy kiss day to you!

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