Kate Middleton Committed a HUGE Fashion Blunder And It Might Just Become a New Trend!


There will come a point in your life when you’ll commit a serious fashion faux pas and embarrass yourself in front of your friends, colleagues or bosses.

Maybe your fly was open as you entered the conference room for an important meeting or forgot to button up as you raced towards your 200-student lecture class, or worse, you may have worn your clothes backward and just found out after a long morning commute.


These are some serious fashion blunders that can turn anyone into a laughing stock, leaving the embarrassing moment etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

The simple solution to fix a fashion emergency is to either embrace the blunder or look for the nearest changing room to fix yourself up while praying that no one noticed — well, in Kate Middleton’s case, once a fashion blunder is made, it will be etched in our memories forever.

Signature Kate

No, the Duchess of Cambridge is not having an “off day,” in fact, she wore her purple Gucci blouse with a classic Kate twist when she visited the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre recently.


She paired the $1,300-silk satin blouse with black wide-leg Jigsaw pants, and to complete the look, she opted for black pointed pumps and a Midi Mayfair bag from Aspinal of London in soft taupe.

Minus the fact that the 37-year-old Duchess wore the top backward, the outfit seemed sophisticated and put-together with the perfect balance between elegance, which is expected of the Duchess, and a pop of color reminiscent of the runway looks we saw in the past fashion weeks.

Jewel-toned tops with billowing sleeves were all over the runway for the Fall/Winter 2019, making the Duchess’ look a tamer and more regal version of the over-the-top poet blouses that are trending nowadays – but the Duchess took this new trend to a whole new level when she decided to put her own twist on it and wear it backwards.

Although the Duchess was recently seen sporting this designer look, the royal stunner is known for supporting budding designers and ethical fashion labels.


And, with our fascination on the two duchesses, specifically their different fashion risks, Kate also has her own effect when it comes to sartorial choices just like the Duchess of Sussex’s “Meghan Effect,” a phenomenon that means anything Meghan Markle wears on events or royal duties can sell out in an instant, an immediate boost in the sales of the brands they carry.

More Conventional

What made the media outlets go into frenzy about the top is when someone compared how Kate wore the top to how it was styled on the Gucci website, the buttons were missing and even the cuffs were on backward.

It is also written on the description that it is a twist to a classic silk shirt that focuses on the bow around the neck with button closures on the back.

But, of course, there are clothes we buy just because they look good on the mannequin, but once we put them on, we can’t figure out how the entire outfit is supposed to look.


Some pointed out that the Duchess may have worn the top backward on purpose to stir some controversy. Whether or not that was the case, the ensemble is still a total win for Kate as she made the outfit work, nonetheless.

Taylor Swift’s Outfit: Oopsie to Merch

Taylor Swift

Source : flickr

This is not the first time a celebrity has worn something backward and still rocked the fashion blunder. In 2014, Taylor Swift wore a red 525 America sweatshirt with a triangular neck cut out in a Knicks game.

Though the piece was a reversible top, people of the internet were quick to point out the “Delicate” singer’s outfit mishap – the sweater was originally styled with the cut out at the back and not in front.

Years later when the “Reputation” album dropped, the “Bad Blood” singer released a merch that is a nod to this sartorial slip, with the words “rep” patch on the neck. Not only did the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer embraced her mistake, but she made it her own.


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