International Sushi Day Messages Quotes, Wishes


On June 18 the world celebrates International Sushi Day. The day is celebrated to encourage people to eat more sushi.

Sushi is a Japanese raw fish-based dish consisting of rice, seasonings, and vinegar and is one of the favorite fish and rice dishes of people around the world. On International Sushi Day, wish your family and friends with International Sushi Day Messages and Quotes, International Sushi Day Wishes.


We have interesting legends of homemade sushi, good phrases of sushi quotes. Share these unique baked sushi quotes and sushi quotes on your social media account and give your sushi loving friends a sweet moment.

What is International Sushi Day (June 18) and Activities

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International Sushi Day Messages | International Sushi Day Quotes | Sushi day wishes

  • When you eat good food, like sushi, you will instantly be in a good mood. Happy Sushi Day everyone!
  • On International Sushi Day today, eat sushi if you’ve never had it before.
  • When life gives you a curve ball, grab some sushi and relax. Happy international sushi day.
  • It’s International Sushi Day, satisfy your sushi cravings today.
  • Sushi pairs well with French fries. So, order sushi and fries on International Sushi Day.
  • There is no excess tuna. Order your plate of tuna today. Happy Sushi Day everyone.
  • To avoid being overweight, I like to have a Diet Coke with my sushi. Happy Sushi Day everyone!
    What is International Sushi Day (June 18) and Activities

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  • You can’t sleep through the night, love well, or think clearly unless you eat sushi. Happy Sushi Day everyone!
  • To enjoy the taste of Sushi, we must all take the time to savor it. Today is Sushi Day around the world. Wishes on sushi day.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend talking and increase the amount of time you spend working. I am trying to eat sushi. Wish everyone on sushi day.
  • My mind wants me to go to the gym, but my heart wants me to eat sushi! International Sushi Day wishes you all!
  • You must keep your sushi and your friends together. Happy international sushi day!
    What is International Sushi Day (June 18) and Activities

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Best Sushi Day Title for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • The little sushi is simply the best.
  • We are dancing with a different tuna each time.
  • Nice to meet you with rice
  • Sushi makes miso hungry
  • I am looking for tuna.
  • Any dish must have fish.


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