Idioms With Love and Meanings

List of idioms and sayings with the love and the meanings. Idioms about love and expressions.

to fall in love with someone or something the first time that you see him or her or it
for a couple to show everyone how much they are in love
the place where two lovers live
to exist in a warm feeling of love
to be loved by a person
love between teenagers
love for someone because they give you food
to feel extremely strong affection for someone
to like or to love someone or something a lot
Prov. People who are in love will overcome any obstacles in order to be together.
a task that is either unpaid or badly paid and that one does simply for one’s own satisfaction or pleasure or to please someone whom one likes or loves.
a relationship of any kind that involves both devotion and hatred.
a child whose parents are not married to each other
Prov. If you frequently win at card games, you will not have happy love affairs.
affirmations of affection.
If you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person

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