Idioms With Hand and Meanings


List of idioms and sayings with the word hand and the meanings. Idioms about hand and expressions

a bird in the hand

what you have or know is better than something you do not have or know


hand in glove

very close to someone.

Idioms With "Hold" and Meanings

change hands

to be sold by someone and bought by another person


hand in hand

1. holding hands.
2. together, one with the other.

Hand it over

Give it to me.

on hand

I something, such as supplies or people, are on hand, they are present or readily available.

at hand

easy to reach, nearby

at one’s fingertips

within one’s reach

bound hand and foot

to have one’s hands and feet tied up


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caught with one’s hand in the cookie jar

to be caught doing something wrong or illegal, to be caught taking something (often money) that one should not take (just like a child could be caught taking cookies from a cookie jar when he or she should not)

have in the palm of hand

to have so much control over someone that they will do whatever you want them to do

sleight of hand

1. ways of deceiving people which you need skill to do
2. quick, clever movements of your hands, especially when performing magic tricks

sit on its hands

to refuse to applaud.

dirty one`s hands

to hurt one’s character or reputation, to do a bad or shameful thing

eat out of (someone’s) hand

to do what someone wants you to do

fall into the wrong hands

to discover or get something secret or dangerous that may be used in a way that harms people

a firm hand

strict control of someone or something

first hand

by direct personal experience (you can see or experience or learn about something first hand)


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Hands up!

Raise your hands in the air; this is a robbery!

Hands off!

Do not touch someone or something

hands are tied

someone is not able to help or intervene.

try hand

to take a try at something.

tip hand

to reveal what one is going to do; to reveal one’s secrets. (From card playing.)

life is in hands

if your life is in someone’s hands, that person is completely responsible for what happens to you, often for whether you live or die

fold one’s hands

to bring one’s hands together so that they are palm to palm with the fingers interlocking

from hand to hand

from one person to another person

get the upper hand (on someone)

to get into a position that is superior or more advantageous than someone else


heavy hand

Dealing with or treating people with a heavy hand means acting with discipline and severity, with little or no sensitivity.

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give (someone) a free hand

to allow someone to do something in the way that they choose

have clean hands

to not be responsible for a crime, to be guiltless

have (someone’s) blood on one’s hands

to be responsible for someone’s death

wring hands

to show that you are very sad or anxious about a situation but do nothing to improve it

play into someone’s hands

to assist one in one’s scheming without realizing it.

put your hand on your heart

if you can put your hand on your heart and say something, you can say it knowing that it is the truth

put your hand in your pocket

to give money to charity (= organizations that collect money to give to poor people, ill people etc.)


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