Idioms With Double and Meanings

List of idioms with the word Double and the meanings. Idioms about Double and expressions

to reverse motion, moving toward someone or something (rather than away from someone or something). (Refers primarily to a person or animal which is being pursued by someone or something.)

*** The deer doubled back on the hunter.

*** The robber doubled back on the police and they lost track of him.

*** Phil doubled back in his tracks.

to betray someone by doing the opposite of what was promised; to betray a person by not doing what was promised.

*** If you double-cross me again, I’ll kill you.

*** Luke is mad at Haley because she double-crossed him on the sale of his car.

to serve two purposes; to be useful for two different things.

*** The English teacher also doubles in brass as the football coach.

*** The drummer doubles in brass as a violinist.

to share something with someone.

*** We don ‘t have enough books. Jay, will you double up with Gloria?

*** When we get more books, we won’t have to double up anymore.

*** We’ll share hotel rooms to save money. Mitchell and Cameron will double up in room twenty.

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