Idioms With Dead and Meanings – List of idioms with the word Dead


List of idioms with the word Dead and the meanings. Idioms about Dead and expressions

Idioms With Dead and Meanings - List of idioms with the word Dead


dead cat on the line

Rur. [for something to be]wrong. I’m afraid there’s a dead cat on the line over at Martha’s place. I haven’t heard from them for days.

dead ahead

straight ahead; directly ahead.

  • Look out! There is a cow in the road dead ahead.
  • The farmer said that the town we wanted was dead ahead.

dead and buried

gone forever. (Refers literally to persons and figuratively to ideas and other things.)

  • No w that Uncle George is dead and buried, we can read his will.
  • That kind of thinking is dead and buried.

dead in someone’s or something’s tracks

exactly where someone or something is at the moment; at this instant. (This does not usually have anything to do with death. The phrase is often used with stop.)

  • Her unkind words stopped me dead in my tracks.
  • When I heard the rattlesnake, I stopped dead in my tracks.
  • The project came to a halt dead in its tracks.

dead loss

a total loss.

  • My investment was a dead loss.
  • This car is a dead loss. It was a waste of money.

dead on one’s or its feet

exhausted; worn out; no longer useful.

  • He can’t teach well anymore. He’s dead on his feet.
  • This inefficient com-pany is dead on its feet.

dead set against someone or something

totally opposed to someone or something.

  • I’m dead set against the new tax proposal.
  • Everyone is dead set against the mayor.

dead to the world

tired; exhausted; sleeping soundly. (Compare to dead on one’s feet.)

  • I’ve had such a hardday. I’m really dead to the world.
  • Look at her sleep. She’s dead to the world.


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