Idioms With Bear and Meanings


List of idioms and sayings with the Bear and the meanings. Idioms about Bear and expressions

bear arms : to carry weapons. usually used in the phrases right to bear arms and keep and bear arms


bear in mind : to remember a piece of information when you are making decisions or thinking about a matter

bear a grudge against someone : to have an old resentment for someone; to have continual anger for someone.

  • She bears a grudge against the judge who sentenced her.
  • I have a grudge against my landlord for overcharging me.
  • How long can a person hold a grudge? Let’s be friends

bear down on someone or something and bear down : to put (literal or figurative) pressure on someone or something.

  • My boss really bears down on me when he’s in a bad mood.
  • Billy, please don’t bear down on your pencil so hard. You’ll break it.
  • You’re making three carbon copies, so bear down as you write.

Idioms With Bear and Meanings

bear fruit : to yield results; to give (literal or figurative) fruit.

  • Our apple tree didn’t bear fruit this year.
  • I hope your new plan bears fruit.
  • We’ve had many good ideas, but none of them has borne fruit.

bear one’s cross and carry one’s cross : to carry or bear one’s burden to endure one’s difficulties. (This is a Biblical theme. It is always used figuratively except in the Biblical context.)

  • It’s a very bad disease, but I’ll bear my cross.
  • I can’t help you with it. You’ll just have to carry your cross.

bear someone or something up and bear up someone or something : to support someone or something (literally or figuratively).

  • I hope the chair can bear John up.
  • I hope John can bear up Tom. He can’t carry heavy loads.
  • The bridge was not able to bear up the traffic, so it collapsed.

bear something out and bear out something : to demonstrate or prove that something is right.

  • I hope that the facts will bear your story out.
  • I’m sure that the facts will bear out my story.
  • My story will be borne out by the facts



bear the brunt of something and bear the brunt : to withstand the worst part or the strongest part of something, such as an attack.

  • I had to bear the brunt of her screaming and yelling.
  • Why don’t you talk with her the next time? I’m tired of bearing the brunt.

bear up : to endure; to hold up in a bad situation; to retain strength and continue supporting yourself or something else.

  • This is such a trying time. I don’t see how she can bear up.
  • The chair is very old. I don’t believe that it will bear up much longer.
  • How long will that bridge bear up under all that heavy traffic?

Idioms With Bear and Meanings

bear watching : to need watching; to deserve observation or monitoring.

  • This problem will bear watching.
  • This is a very serious disease, and it will bear watching for further developments.

bear with someone or something : to be patient with someone or something; to endure someone or something.

  • Please bear with me while I fill out this form.
  • Please bear with my old car. It’ll get us there sooner or later.

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