Idioms With Bear and Meanings, Along with Example Sentences


List of idioms and sayings with the Bear and the meanings. Commonly used idioms related to “bear” and their meanings along with example sentences.

Idioms With Bear

  1. “To bear the burden” – This means to take responsibility for something, especially if it is difficult. Example: “She had to bear the burden of running the company after her father retired.”
  2. “To bear witness” – This means to give evidence or testimony about something. Example: “The eyewitnesses bore witness to the accident and described what they saw to the police.”
  3. “To bear a grudge” – This means to hold a resentment or anger towards someone for a long time. Example: “She has been bearing a grudge against her ex-boyfriend for years and still hasn’t gotten over what happened.”
  4. “To bear fruit” – This means to produce a positive outcome or result. Example: “His hard work finally bore fruit and he got the promotion he had been striving for.”
  5. To bear arms” – This means to carry or possess weapons. Example: “The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”
  6. “To bear the brunt” – This means to experience the main impact or effects of something, especially if it is negative. Example: “The coastal communities bore the brunt of the hurricane and suffered the most damage.”
  7. “To bear a resemblance” – This means to look similar or alike to someone or something. Example: “The baby bears a strong resemblance to her mother and has her smile.”

bear arms : to carry weapons. usually used in the phrases right to bear arms and keep and bear arms

bear in mind : to remember a piece of information when you are making decisions or thinking about a matter

bear a grudge against someone : to have an old resentment for someone; to have continual anger for someone.

  • She bears a grudge against the judge who sentenced her.
  • I have a grudge against my landlord for overcharging me.
  • How long can a person hold a grudge? Let’s be friends

bear down on someone or something and bear down : to put (literal or figurative) pressure on someone or something.

  • My boss really bears down on me when he’s in a bad mood.
  • Billy, please don’t bear down on your pencil so hard. You’ll break it.
  • You’re making three carbon copies, so bear down as you write.

Idioms With Bear and Meanings

bear fruit : to yield results; to give (literal or figurative) fruit.

  • Our apple tree didn’t bear fruit this year.
  • I hope your new plan bears fruit.
  • We’ve had many good ideas, but none of them has borne fruit.

bear one’s cross and carry one’s cross : to carry or bear one’s burden to endure one’s difficulties. (This is a Biblical theme. It is always used figuratively except in the Biblical context.)

  • It’s a very bad disease, but I’ll bear my cross.
  • I can’t help you with it. You’ll just have to carry your cross.

bear someone or something up and bear up someone or something : to support someone or something (literally or figuratively).

  • I hope the chair can bear John up.
  • I hope John can bear up Tom. He can’t carry heavy loads.
  • The bridge was not able to bear up the traffic, so it collapsed.

bear something out and bear out something : to demonstrate or prove that something is right.

  • I hope that the facts will bear your story out.
  • I’m sure that the facts will bear out my story.
  • My story will be borne out by the facts

bear the brunt of something and bear the brunt : to withstand the worst part or the strongest part of something, such as an attack.

  • I had to bear the brunt of her screaming and yelling.
  • Why don’t you talk with her the next time? I’m tired of bearing the brunt.

bear up : to endure; to hold up in a bad situation; to retain strength and continue supporting yourself or something else.

  • This is such a trying time. I don’t see how she can bear up.
  • The chair is very old. I don’t believe that it will bear up much longer.
  • How long will that bridge bear up under all that heavy traffic?

Idioms With Bear and Meanings

bear watching : to need watching; to deserve observation or monitoring.

  • This problem will bear watching.
  • This is a very serious disease, and it will bear watching for further developments.

bear with someone or something : to be patient with someone or something; to endure someone or something.

  • Please bear with me while I fill out this form.
  • Please bear with my old car. It’ll get us there sooner or later.

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