Idioms With Bail and Meanings

List of idioms with the word Bail and the meanings. Idioms about Bail and expressions.

1. to jump out of an airplane (with a parachute).

***John still remembers the first time he bailed out of a plane.

***When we get to 8,000feet, we’ll all bail out and drift down together. We’ll open our parachutes at 2,000feet.

2. to abandon a situation; to get out of something. (Informal.)

***John got tired of school, so he just bailed out.

***Please stay, Bill. You’ve been with us too long to bail out now.

1. [with someone]to deposit a sum of money which allows someone to get out of jail while waiting for a trial; to get a person out of trouble.

***John was in jail. I had to go down to the police station to bail him out.

***You kids are always getting in trouble. Do you really expect me to bail out the whole gang of you every time you have a problem?
2. [with something]to remove water from the bottom of a boat by dipping or scooping.

***Tom has to bail the boat out before we get in.

***You should always bail out a boat before using it.

to fail to appear in court for trial and give up one’s bail bond. (Slang.)
***Not only was Bob arrested for theft, he skipped bail and left town. He’s in a lot of trouble.

***I thought only criminals jumped bail.

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