Idioms With “Adam” and Meanings

List of idioms with the word “Adam” and the meanings. Idioms about “Adam” and expressions.

know (someone) from Adam, not
to be unable to recognize someone because the person is a stranger
1. Who is that speaking at the podium? Is it the chairman? I don’t know him from Adam.
2. A strange woman approached us at the train station.
I assumed that she was Mrs. Smith, whom we were supposed to meet, but it was hard to tell since we didn’t know Mrs. Smith from Adam.

The old Adam
the evil nature within a man.
Originally a religious phrase,
But Dan was not to be restrained, and breaking into the homespun (colloiruial)—a sure indication that the old Adam was having the upper hand —he forthwith plunged into some chaff, etc.—Hall Caine.

Adam’s Hale or Adam’s wine
pure water.
Well drink Adam’s Hale.—Hood.
Some take a glass of porter to their dinner, but I slake my thirst with Adam’s wine.

Son of Adam
a man.
But as all sons of Adam must have something or other to say to the rest, and especially to his daughters, this little village carried on some commerce with the outer world,—Black MORE

Adam’s apple
the projection in the neck under the chin,
Having the noose adjusted and secured by tightening above bis Adam’s apple. — Daily Telegraph

Not to know a man from Adam
to he quite unacquainted with him; to be unable to recognize him.
“To my knowledge,” again interposed Mr. Lethbridge, have never seen his face. I shouldn’t know him from Adam if he stood before me now.”—B. L. Fajubon.

not know somebody from Adam
to have never met someone and not know anything about them

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