Idioms With Across and Meanings


List of idioms and sayings with the across and the meanings. Idioms about across and expressions

(to something) to agree to something; to yield to someone else’s position.
to move across something slowly and carefully; to sneak across something.
If something applies to everybody, it applies across the board.
to run quickly across some area.
to travel across a particular area; to take a shortcut across a particular area.
to run or move across something very fast.
to walk across something covered by water.
to move across something on foot.
to make a journey across something or some place.
to move rapidly across some area.
to move across something very fast.
[for a ship]to cross a body of water under power.
to slip or glide across something, such as ice or wet pavement.
to move someone or something across a border illegally and in secret.
to meet someone by accident
to carry or lead someone or something across something.
to cross something, such as water, a bridge, land, the ocean, etc
to transport someone or something across something.
[for a bird or a plane]to move in the air across something.

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