Idioms With “Accord” and Meanings

List of idioms with the word “Accord” and the meanings. Idioms about “Accord” and expressions.

ACCORDING TO ALL ACCOUNTS and BY ALL ACCOUNTS: from all the reports; everyone is saying.
According to all accounts, the police were on the scene immediately.
According to all accounts, the meeting broke up over a very minor matter.
By all accounts, it was a very poor performance.

ACCORDING TO HOYLE: according to Hoyle according to the rules; in keeping with the way it is normally done. (Refers to the rules for playing the card game bridge. Mr. Hoyle wrote a book about bridge. This expression is usually used for something other than bridge.)
That’s wrong. According to Hoyle, this is the way to do it.
The carpenter said, “This is the way to drive a nail, according to Hoyle.”

ACCORDING TO ONE’S OWN LIGHTS according to one’s own lights according to the way one believes;
according to the way one’ s conscience or indinations lead one. (Rarely used informally.)
People must act on this matter according to ıheir own lights.
John may have been wrong, but he did what he did according to his own lights.

ACCORDING TO SOMEONE OR SOMETHING as said or indicated by someone or something.
According to the weather forecast, this should be a beautiful day.
According to my father, this is a very good car to buy.
lt ‘s too cold to go for a walk, according to the thermometer.


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