Idioms With “Able To” and Meanings

List of idioms with the word “Able To” and the meanings. Idioms about “Able To” and expressions.

ABLE TO BREATHE AGAIN and able to breathe easily again; able to breathe freely again: able to relax and recover from a busy or stressful time; able to catch one’s breath. (Able to can be replaced with can.)
Now that the lion Has been caught, we’ll be able to breathe freely again.
Now that the annual safe is over, the sales staff will be able to breathe again.
Final exams are over, so i can breathe easily again.

ABLE TO DO SOMETHING BLINDFOLDED and ABLE TO DO SOMETHING STANDING ON ONE’S HEAD: able to do something easily and quickly, possibly without even looking. (InformaL. Rarely used literalLy. Able to can be replaced with can.)
Bill boasted that he could pass his driver’s test blindfolded.
Mary is very good with computers. She can program blindfolded.
Dr. Jones is a great surgeon. He can take out an appendix standing on his head.

ABLE TO MAKE SOMETHING: able to attend an event. (InformaL. ALso used literally.Able to can be replaced with can.)
I don ‘t think I’ll be able to make your party, but thanks for asking me.
We are having another one next month. We hope you can make it then.

ABLE TO TAKE A JOB: to be able to accept ridicule good-naturedly; to be the object or butt of a joke willingly. (Able to can be replaced with can.)
Let’s play a trick on Bill and see if he ‘s able to take a joke.
Better not tease Ann. She can ‘t take a joke.

ABLE TO TAKE SOMETHING: able to endure something; able to endure abuse. (Often in the negative, Able to can be replaced with can.)
Stop yelling like that. I’m not able to take it anymore.
Go ahead, hit me again. i can take it.
ALSO: able to take just so much able to endure only a limited amount of discomfort. (Able to
can be replaced with can.)
Please stop hurting my feelings. I’m able to take just so much.
I can take just so much.

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