How to Go About Cleaning Couch Cushions Properly


The sofa cushions are exposed to dirt, grease and many of these residues. If there are pets and children in the house, then there will be unpleasant marks of food, drinks, etc. in them.

Like any other item for the home, they should be cleaned after regular time intervals. If they are not cleaned regularly, they look dirty and begin to stink. However, there are many people who avoid it simply because they do not know how to clean the sofa cushions. They feel that cleaning can damage the cushion. Although the fact remains, there are many safe methods that can be used to clean the sofa cushions.


How to Go About Cleaning Couch Cushions Properly

How to clean the sofa cushions?

Slight stains on the sofa cushions are a common occurrence. It happens mainly due to liquid spills on them. If it is a new spill, remove the maximum liquid with a clean, dry cloth. You must use an upholstery cleaning product on the stained pad stain. Mix a little water with the upholstery cleaner according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and create a foamy foam. Take this foam on a clean sponge and rub the cushion with small circular motions until the stain is completely removed. If it is an old and stubborn stain, let the cleaner sit in the area for a few minutes. After the stain disappears, moisten a clean cloth with a little water to moisten it and rub it gently over the stain to clean the residues of the cleaner.

A dirty cushion with a lot of dirt accumulation requires a full wash.

You can place it directly in the washing machine, but you must deactivate the agitator. Otherwise, the cushion will be seriously damaged. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you must put one cushion at the same time in the washing machine. Hand washing is considered a safe option.


Add laundry detergent to a simple water tub to prepare a soapy solution. If your cushion has a bad smell, you can add a little white vinegar in this water to eliminate the odor. Soak the cushion in this solution for a while. Then rinse it completely with running water. While rinsing, squeeze several times to remove all detergent residue. Once the foam comes out, dry the cushion by placing it under the sun. For a quick drying, you can place it on a dry towel and change the towel from time to time. Do not start using the cushion before it dries completely.

How to clean the microfiber sofa cushions?

Microfiber cleaning sofa cushions require a slightly different approach. There are some microfiber cushions that are washable and others not washable. You can clean the washable cushions with the help of a sponge moistened in a soapy solution. The technique is the same as that of cleaning the spots on the cushions that we have already discussed in the previous section. However, these non-washable microfiber cushions can not be exposed to water. For them, you must use a dry cleaning method.

To start, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove loose dust, crumbs and cushion fibers. Then you need a mild detergent powder. Sprinkle a little of this powder on the surface of the cushion. Then take a dry brush with soft bristles and rub it on the cushion. While doing so, remember to move the brush both in the direction of the nap and against it. This will help loosen dirt and grime. Then, vacuum the cushion once more to clean loose dirt particles. Finally, rub a soft brush to restore the microfiber pad nap again.

Before starting to clean the cushions, be sure to remove the cushion covers from them. You must wash the cover separately according to the instructions given on your label. Cushion covers that are made of delicate fabrics such as silk require dry cleaning. Other fabrics such as cotton can be washed in a washing machine.


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