How to Celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. Maybe you had a recent break. Maybe you think vacations are idiotic or too commercial. Why not celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day? Make it fun and empowering!

Launch an anti-Valentine party. Why not throw a blow and limit it to people without a significant other? It could also include couples who are sick of the holidays (but not if they will ruin it with hugs and other romantic proposals).


Hand out black roses, play singles games and have people exchange joke gifts. You may have heard about the divorce parties, why not borrow the concept on Valentine’s Day? Alternatively, have a theme that is not about Valentine’s Day. For example, a party with a color theme, Country Western, Marshmallow Appreciation Day … whatever.

How to Celebrate Anti Valentine's Day

Ask for a piñata for Valentine’s Day, and let everyone take turns once or twice. Make sure there’s something fun inside. Have fun with the drinks. How about a blood orange mojito?
Take some time to develop fun invitations for Valentine’s Day. You do not have to avoid red or pink or small hearts. You just have to have the correct slogans about them. Custom sweet hearts with sarcastic phrases about love and Cupid.


Order a cake against Valentine’s Day. Or, if you prefer, you can order cupcakes against Valentine’s Day. Give them at work, to friends, or at a party that you throw away.

You can find funny but sarcastic cupcake or cake toppers online and in some party stores. For example, a broken heart would work. Everything is in the motto. It was fun, but not too bad. Cupid is stupid, love hurts, or other phrases are harmless fun. There are many Cupcake recipes against Valentine’s Day online. For example, some recommend creating a red X liquorice on top of the cupcake.

You could crown the cake with black hearts or black roses. The color black is a great way to turn a red Valentine’s cake or party into an anti-Valentine’s Day message. Invite someone to dinner. This could be another unique friend, a father, or even a casual acquaintance who would like to know better.

You could enjoy a special Valentine’s Day with someone who is not a romantic partner. Or I could see if any restaurant (or tavern) offers events or anti-Valentine dinners. Some do it. There is no reason why you can not spend Valentine’s Day with someone you love in a family sense.

Get close to someone you know is alone. Send them a bouquet or invite them to dinner. There is power in numbers! Some weirder ideas include dressing your pet for a dinner at home. You could even put a bow to the cat or the dog.

Give gifts to your single friends. You may discover that you are not alone. Half of the world seems to be in cloud nine on Valentine’s Day, but everyone else is depressed or simply hates the commercialism and expectations of the day.


Raise the spirits of another person with gifts for all your single friends. You can find anti-Valentine’s Day mugs and t-shirts online. Wear the anti-Valentine’s Day t-shirts as a group, as you would at a bachelorette party or bachelor party. You can also buy cards against Valentine’s Day online and in some stores.

You can find many personalized anti-Valentine items online, and you can even find complete relationship breakout kits for purchase. Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. Do not assume that only single people hate Valentine’s Day. Many people are fed up with vacations.

Maybe your partner is one of those people. I could send you a sarcastic anti-Valentine card.

Organize an anti-Valentine’s Day party for other couples and singles, who hate the holidays or are simply fed up with the bright pink flash it conveys.

How to Celebrate Anti Valentine's Day

Keep in mind that some people really care about Valentine’s Day. If your partner is one of these people, why let your own sarcasm hurt your feelings? Suck it and be nice. Appreciating the feelings of other people can go a long way, and many people just want to be remembered on Valentine’s Day in some way.

Play the correct music. You will feel better if you play music with an anti-Valentine’s Day atmosphere. This is true if you are sitting at home or if you are organizing a party. Many online sites have lists of anti-Valentine’s Day songs. You do not have to spend the day making a list of romantic chips on the radio.

Some possibilities include Tainted Love by Soft Cell, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette, What’s Love has to do with that of Tina Turner, Since You’ve Gone by Kelly Clarkson, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, No Action by Elvis Costelllo, and It’s my life for Bon Jovi.

It’s a good idea to choose songs that have to do with surviving or living life in your own way. They will put you in a positive mood! When Bon Jovi sings, “As Frankie said, ‘I did it my way’,” you can feel empowered. Choose empowering songs, not sentimental songs that depress you more!

Enjoy an unforgettable stay. Register at an elegant local hotel for a stay at the Valentine’s. Beware!


Choose a hotel with a spa or at least a hot tub. Enjoy a massage or facial treatment. Spend the night reading a great book or watching movies on the hotel television. Take a long, hot bubble bath inside the hotel. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. It’s time to make sure you take care of yourself.

Ask for room service and, if you are in one, skip the diet of the day! Pamper yourself in a way you can not do at home with pets, bills and other stresses. Sell ​​things you got from your ex Why do you need jewelry or other items that remind you of the person who left? Sell ​​it!

You can use Craigslist, eBay or even go to the local pawn shop. Or if you really want to refine it, try a special sale site that encourages people to get rid of the things their ex gave them.

Two of these sites have never liked him and ex boyfriend. Some of the sites require or ask you to share your story, which allows you to get things out of your chest. On some of these sites, engagement rings are especially popular. There are also places where you can sell wedding packages if the event did not take place. You could also sell your wedding dress online.

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