How To Break Up With Somebody in Your Carpool


A carpool is a great way to get around, especially in a metropolitan city. Mostly, when you carpool, you will be sharing a ride with other people heading in the same general direction at around the same time, which, in turn, means that you will be sharing expenses like fuel.

So not only is carpooling a cost-effective and convenient way to get to and from your place of work or study, but it also contributes greatly to the general well-being of the environment. This is because there will be fewer cars on the road, thereby decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, it is also a great way to make friends and build new relationships. You will be stuck in the car with other people for the duration of your journey, after all, so might as well use the time to network and be friendly.

How To Break Up With Somebody in Your Carpool

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Now, like all relationships, there is always the possibility that your carpooling might not work out. This can be due to an infinite number of reasons. Maybe somebody is always late, or not too good with keeping up with the payments. Perhaps you can’t stand his/her perfume, or choice of radio station, or preferred topics of conversation. Really, it could be just about any reason under the sun. The fact of the matter is that there is a disconnect between you and this particular carpool companion, and instead of stressing yourself out by just grinning through gritted teeth and bearing with it, most times it would actually do you more good to just get out of the arrangement.

Now, this may already seem like a tricky situation, and it is especially so if you are carpooling with co-workers and have to deal with this person on a daily basis. Naturally, you would want to preserve the friendship, or at the very least, whatever work camaraderie that you might have. After all, it really does not benefit anyone to have any kind of tension in the workplace. Well, we’re going to tell you right now that there really is no easy way to get out of this kind of situation. However, there are ways that you can do it right, and hopefully, come out of it unscathed. Here’s how:


The truth often hurts, but it will also set you free. It is also a lot more preferable, to tell the truth than to be later caught in an outright lie. So if you can’t stand somebody’s tardiness or penchant for garlic bagels for breakfast, tell him/her, rather than making up some sort of lame, sorry excuse just to get out of the carpool. However, if you are going, to tell the truth, don’t be offensive about it. Which brings us to the next point.



There’s really no reason to be hostile, no matter how ticked off you might be because of the situation. So when you do “break up” with a carpool companion, make sure you do it in a civilized manner. This means choosing the right place and the right time to break the news, as well as not be offensive or contentious about it. Not only that, be sure to let the other person know that the decision to cut your carpooling relationship short is a personal choice and not an attack on his/her person.


With that said, you should also be open to compromise. People carpool together to meet a mutual need, so there are some situations in which a carpool companion might be more open to adjustment if only to preserve this mutually beneficial status quo. Maybe he is willing to stop listening to heavy metal music on the way to work. Or perhaps she’s willing to wake up 15 minutes earlier, so she can be ready by the time the carpool picks her up. Again, it really all boils down to having a friendly, calm, and open discussion about it.

Carpooling, in general, can be a rather pleasurable experience, but from time to time, some tension and discord will be unavoidable. Thankfully, knowing how to handle awkward situations such as this expertly will ensure that your carpool remains peaceful and harmonious.

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