How Exercise Can Enhance Your Inner and Outer Beauty


When people decide to exercise, it usually is because of the intent to lose weight or keep fit.

At present, there are many trending fitness exercises available, such as strength training, weight training, yoga, and even running has become a craze now, too.  A lot of people have taken advantage of these fitness exercises crazes, but only for the goal of getting fit, but did you know that exercises can benefit your whole body, even your skin?


Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD, a dermatologist and author of Simple Skin Beauty confirmed this obvious fact. According to her people have the tendency to shine the spotlight only on the cardiovascular benefits that exercise brings to the body and forget that constant physical movement also promotes proper circulation that can lead to a clear and beautiful skin.

Here are the many skin benefits you can get from regularly exercising and working out.


How Exercise Can Enhance Your Inner and Outer Beauty


Everybody wants glowing skin, and as it turns out, you do not need some magical cream or the help of make-up, by simply having regular physical activity you can get that a natural glow.  According to dermatologist, Dr. Noëlle S. Sherber, the skin is supplied by enough amount of oxygenated blood whenever the heart gets to pumping during exercise.  What actually happens is that the improved flow of blood brought upon by exercise moves vitamins and minerals, plus oxygen towards the blood vessels found under the skin.  These nourishing substances are what the skin needs to be able to recover from any damages and repair itself, and the result of which is healthy and glowing skin.


Cortisol is a hormone that is related to stress, and  too much presence of cortisol in the body can cause a high production of a substance called, sebum, that eventually leads to the appearance of acne.  Another bad result of too much cortisol in the body is the breaking down of collagen, which can lead to wrinkles and skin sagging.  To be able to keep a healthy  amount of cortisol, regular exercise and working out is necessary.  So, sweat it out to help keep acne, wrinkles, and skin sagging at bay!


How Exercise Can Enhance Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Along with keeping a healthy diet, exercise can help in solving an acne problem.  One of the many causes of acne is hormonal imbalance, something that regular exercise can correct. Also, when a person works out, blood is properly circulated in the body which means oxygen is also properly distributed, even to the skin.  Working out will also means you will sweat a lot, and this can open blocked pores in the surface of the skin, and assisting in the elimination of toxins


Nobody likes sweating, right?  But with exercise and working out, sweating is everything.  There is a belief that sweating can block or clog your pores, but that is not actually the case, it is the opposite – it clears up clogged pores. And because sweating open up pores, it is a way for the body to detoxify, to rid the body of toxins.  Think of the effect of sweating in the same way as when you get a steam bath, it can remove not just toxins inside the body, but also bacteria trapped within the skin’s surface.


A healthy blood circulation in the body because of exercise can invigorate hair follicles to assist in the growth of healthier hair, and gives your hair strength. Exercise is also known to relieve people of stress, and stress is a known cause for dry, unhealthy hair, and hair fall.  By maintaining a regular workout regimen, you can rid yourself of stress and have a healthy crowning glory.


How Exercise Can Enhance Your Inner and Outer Beauty


We all know how damaging stress can be, in fact stress is one of the main reasons why there are many healthy trends around.  We live in a fast paced world, and stress seems to be something that people commonly faced daily.  Aside from serious health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer, stress can also lead to skin damage because it speeds up the aging process.  By exercising the body releases a healing chemical endorphin, which initiates a positive effect in the body.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Well, it really is that simple, and with a happy outlook, you are able to remove stress from your life, and have a healthy beautiful skin and hair

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