How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas


Christmas is one of those celebrations that seems to be full of joy and wonder.

Whether you celebrate a secular or religious Christmas, rest assured that it will be a day full of joy, especially with a little help from wikiHow. Read below our advice to celebrate a secular, religious, special Christmas for children or non-consumer. Happy Holidays!


How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

Celebrate a secular Christmas

1 -) Radiate joy.

When you hear Christmas songs, instead of getting like a grump, smile and whistle to the sound of the song. Being cheerful during the Christmas season will help you radiate the Christmas spirit to those around you, and you can also enjoy it more.

Desire a “Merry Christmas!” To those who know that they celebrate it. If you’re not sure, just say “Happy Holidays!” Anyway, you’ll be radiating the joy of celebration.

2 -) Enjoy the Christmas traditions of your country.

Be a child again and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Whether you leave cookies for Santa Claus, see Santa Claus by the window or leave your clogs near the fireplace for Sinterklass, allow yourself to enjoy a little of the traditions and surrender to magic.

Do some research on Christmas customs around the world. There are some excellent books that describe these traditions, and provide additional recipes and crafts. The Internet is also an excellent resource to look for new and exciting traditions and recipes.

How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

Go to a local cultural center to learn about the different Christmas customs. Many museums and libraries organize special events and exhibitions for the family. Some festivals have a regular Christmas tree adorned with ethnic motifs.

Take a little trip in time! You can also investigate past Christmas customs to see how different they were compared to current ones. Garlands of popcorn or blueberries are a custom that dates back to the Victorian era. Before the Christmas balls appeared, there were ornaments made of paper and corn husks. Many moms made grandma dolls or yarn for their daughters. Choose any of these customs to give a twist to your modern celebrations.

However, some customs are not really practical or safe. Do not put candles on the trees! Instead, opt for electric candles. Real fruit or other edible things can be expensive items and considered a waste of food. Opt for some artificial and inedible ones.

3-) Decorate your house for Christmas.

The possibilities to decorate your house are almost endless. Put Christmas lights in your house. Hang mistletoe in the doorways (especially if you know you will receive the visit of someone special), a homemade crown on your door or put Christmas figurines like Santa Claus or Reindeer Rodolfo on the surfaces of the house.

4-) Buy and decorate a Christmas tree.

Go with your family to a Christmas tree nursery to cut your own tree or a store of cut trees. Buy a tree that enters your house. After putting it in place, hang the lights and ornaments. Do not forget to water it from time to time and take care of pets!

How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

You can decorate your tree with ornaments of family memories or with something new, for example, with Star Trek ornaments, a superhero, toy trains or Disney characters. It really depends on you and how creative or traditional you want to be.

5 -) Get together with friends and family.

For many people, Christmas is a time of meeting with friends and family in which they enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the festivity. That day is a holiday and almost everyone has a day off from work. Take advantage of this advantage to get back in touch with your friends and family. Create your own traditions or celebrate with the traditions inherited from your family.

6 -) Invite your friends or family to a Christmas dinner.

If you want, ask everyone to bring a dish so that expenses (and work) are more bearable. The important thing is to meet with those you want so that the winter is a little warmer sharing the warmth and affection with them. You could make a complete Christmas dinner with baked turkey or create your own traditions by doing what you want!

7-) Go out to sing Christmas carols.

You can sing them at home, go door to door or go to some asylum. Learn some Christmas carols or songs of the moment and sing them. It will be fun, even if you do not have the best voice, because with luck, you will not sing alone, but you will have the support of some more talented friends. If you can not go out to sing Christmas carols for any reason, fill your entire house with Christmas music while you wrap the gifts or during your Christmas party.

How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

If you want some ideas, try the carols like “Christmas, Christmas”, “Come Pastors Come”, “Arbolito”, “Alegre Vengo”, “In the portal of Bethlehem”, “Bell over bell”, “Tonight the child is born “Or” Night of peace “.

😎 Watch Christmas movies.

Organize a movie night where you invite friends or family back home and serve hot cider with popcorn or hot chocolate and cookies. Put Christmas movies like “My poor little angel”, “Polar Express”, “Really love”, “Frozen”, “White Christmas” or any other seasonal movie.

9-) Take a generous action.

This is the spirit of radiating joy, kindness, beauty and love during the Christmas season. Maybe you can volunteer at a shelter for the homeless, buy some vintage decorations or donate the ones you do not use to a thrift store, leave the extra change for charity, help someone decorate the tree and put on the Christmas lights or help a local collection of toys or food for those who are not as lucky as you.

How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

10 -) Consider giving gifts wrapped in a nice wrapping paper.

It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money on gifts, because with the small ones it will be enough. Some families enjoy giving gifts to each other to express their esteem. You can buy them or make them yourself. You should also become an expert wrapping them.
Sit around the Christmas tree with your family on Christmas morning and exchange gifts. If not, sit with your loved one near the fireplace and enjoy Christmas together.

11-) Do something fun with your family outside the house.

Go to the beach or the local park. In colder regions, go sledding or building a snowman! If there is no snow, wrap up and go for a walk with your loved ones. It is always excellent to leave the house and breathe fresh air.

If you live in Brazil, Argentina, Chile or other countries of the southern hemisphere, your Christmas will probably be hot. So you can go out and appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy part of your Christmas day swimming, walking, resting on the lawn or playing something outdoors. Make sure you put on sunscreen and a hat!

12-) Deal with the cranky with grace.

If someone says “Let’s cancel Christmas” or something negative, just say something like “Sorry if you do not enjoy the holidays, but you’re welcome to our house if you have nowhere to go”. No matter how you react, just reject it with the greatest possible courtesy and continue your celebration showing compassion to the poor cranky. Also, try to see things from your point of view. Ask him if he is going through a difficult time or if he has a specific problem. Do not judge hastily.

How do We Celebrate Christmas Day? Celebrate a Secular Christmas

Anyone can become depressed during the holidays and become ill-humored. Remember that unfortunate things do not rest, even during the holiday season. Anyone can continue to have problems with relationships at home, work or school. Teens and children can also become emotional time bombs. Sometimes it can be the death of a family member or loved one. Large accounts can make many people feel anxious during the holidays.

Anyone can feel mentally exhausted by having to do all the additional work, make purchases and decorate without help from anyone. If an element of Christmas infuriates you, makes you sad or generates an emotional reaction, try to eliminate it from your life as much as possible. Put yourself in the place of the moody person to see how you would feel in your situation.

If a tradition begins to bother you or someone in your life, feel free to modify it or omit it. Commit yourself, talk and negotiate. All families or the people who make them can get bored of family traditions, decorations and customs.


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