Valentine Week, 7 Days of Ideas (Celebrate With Great Affection)


Happy Valentines Day Wishes: Best Valentine’s Day SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp, Facebook Messages.

Gracious yes, it’s 14 February, Happy Valentines Day . The most romantic and special day of the year, Valentine’s day is near and most of us have planned various different things and started doing preparations for the eve. The main aim for doing all such preparation for the Happy Valentines Day is just to bring a big simile on our Lover face. Your wishing style may complete your this dream. Wish your soul mate with a unique and creative style this year and celebrate the season of Love with great enthusiasm.


A day or we can state day for sweethearts. From seventh Feb, Valentine Week begins, here you can discover Valentine Week list. Valentine does not mean they would be just a sweetheart however the individual who is more imperative than some other one in your life is your Valentine like somebody, it can be his/her dad, his/or sibling or sister and for somebody, Valentine can be his/her closest companion.. So simply continue recollecting this valentine day list.

There are 7 more days which are celebrated with great affection before the final Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Party Idea - Here Are Some Tips For You

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Happy Rose day Wishes

The wonderful and most romantic week of Valentine’s Day starts with Rose Day. You can start this day by sending happy rose day wishes in midnight. Usually people celebrate this day by giving roses to their loved ones. You can also send Happy Rose Day Wishes along with roses to your lover. Rose Day is celebrated with happiness, zeal and enthusiasm among youngsters as they tries to propose there loved one by giving her a red roses as red roses always indicate a symbol of Love.but its not mandatory that rose day is only associated with red roses but you can give yellow roses to your friends ,you can give roses to elder one also to embark the rose day celebration.

Happy Propose day Wishes

This is the second day in the Valentine Week list, Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February.Youths propose to their valentines on propose day in there own unique way to impress their loved ones and just to listen yes from there sides. Best idea is to send Happy Propose Day Wishes to your loved ones. Usually people propose their valentines to express their love and affection as well as to be their valentines forever and upto there last breath. Some youth propose it by sitting half on their knees with bunch of red roses in hand.Some one propose by directly sending romantic valentine day wishes to her or some send bunches of flower to them and ask to join on dinner date.

Valentine's Day Gift for Husband

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Happy Chocolate Day Wishes

Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9 every year and an entire day is dedicated to chocolates.Can any guess better gift than box full of tasty dark chocolate with some romantic valentine day wishes-a perfect combo for chocolate day. You can send Happy Chocolate Day Wishes to your loved ones in a unique way. Pamper your lover by giving her box full of her favorite can bring more sweetness in your relationship by exchanging powerbox-box of chocolate with each other.You can also send him/her attractive and romantic Images, Wallpapers or Whatsapp messages, etc related to Chocolate Day to make your loved ones happy and surprised.

Happy Teddy Day Wishes

Wow Teddy Day, as this day is best day in valentine week ,It is celebrated on 10 of Feb every year.Couples and youths celebrate this great event of the valentine’s week by gifting their loved ones a lovely and attractive teddy along with Teddy Day Wishes. Teddy is usually the best friend of girls as,from childhood girls used to share there all secrets with their favorite cutest teddy ever.Gift a beautiful teddy (choose color liked most by your soul mate) to your sweetheart on this day.Grab here the Cutest teddy day messages that you can share with your partner with her favourite teddy.

Valentine's Day Celebration - How do you celebrate St Valentine's Day?

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Happy Promise Day Wishes

Promise Day is celebrated all across the world on February 11 ever year. After Chocolate Day and Teddy day, Promise Day is one of the most special day of the Valentine Week, and it is celebrated by couples with a lot of anticipation. To surprise your partner you can send Lovely Promise day wishes with image to express your Promise for stronger relationship.On this day, couples make strong promise with each other which they are going to hold through there life and which is going to make there relationship more strong. We all know a relationship needs love, attention and care but it also needs faith and promise to always be there for each other. On this day, couples can promise each other all kinds of things that can bring innovation to their love life.

Happy Hug Day Wishes

Hug day which is celebrated on 12th February. Hugs have undeniable power in itself and healing powers too. Believe it or not, this warm fuzzy feeling. Hug Day is celebrated just two days before Valentine’s Day that is on 12 Feb. Happy Hug day gives you a precious chance to express your never-ending love towards your beloved with a warm and tight hug. An hug is only a statement of friendship, care and security. A tight hug provides a sense a feeling that someone is here for me to protect me which in undefinable feeling.

Valentine's Day Dating - What can couples do on Valentines Day?

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Happy Kiss Day Wishes

Kiss Day falls on 13th of February. An embrace is only a statement of friendship, care and security. One of the most popular day among the all days of the Valentine Week (predictably), on Happy Kiss Day lovers get a golden opportunity to express their love with a sweet gesture. Try to express this sweet gesture in sweetest way to make this day most remarkable. Many couple try to make there first kiss most memorable and remembered moment of there whole life…


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