Great Alternative Christmas Songs


Christmas songs and carols are an incredibly important part of Christmas. But when the season comes it’s easy to get tired of the same old songs.

This list is going to change that. I am using the term “alternative” simply to describe songs outside of what you normally hear, rather than as a definitive genre of music. So, if you like Christmas but you are listening to the same melodies, here are some others that you can see.

Great Alternative Christmas Songs

10 – A strange Christmas incident

I came across a video of this song on the Internet and I have not been able to track when it was recorded or on which album it is (if there is one). What I can tell you is that it is a wonderful song and exactly what you would expect from Ben Folds Five. A lovely but chaotic pop melody full of frivolity. The song tells the story of an unfortunate and lesser known incident in the Christmas story, when Santa Claus had his “fat ass stuck” by the fireplace.

9 – Dance ‘Until we are tall The fireman

The firemen are a band of two men with Paul McCartney and Youth from Killer Joke. His recent album, released two years ago, was received with universal recognition. This particular song was the third single released from that album. There are some doubts about whether or not this is a true Christmas song. However, with the lyrics about “the coming winter,” “the falling snow,” “the bells ringing” and a true merry tune, it’s close enough. Also, it’s better than wonderful Christmas time.


8 – Santa Claus Bob Dylan

Unfortunately, the record company Bob Dylan will not allow their songs to be incorporated through YouTube, so here is a link to listen to them. The above clip is Dylan reciting The Night Before Christmas. Bob Dylan left those “serious” music critics baffled and nervous last year when he announced that he was working on a Christmas album. The music fans were horrified; after all the protest songs, the autobiographical songs, the lyrics of open songs and the bluesy rootsy music is considered “great”. The Christmas songs, on the other hand, are “uncool” unless done by an ex Beatle with a message against the war attached at the end. The reality is that Dylan, during the last two decades, has been making great music, whose main inspiration is the traditional songs that have been transmitted from generation to generation; This is just another example of his love for such music.

Great Alternative Christmas Songs

7 – My first Christmas (as a woman) The vandals

Undoubtedly the only Christmas song that contains the lyrics “Cut it! Cut it! Cut it! My penis, cut it. “

6 – Baby Please Come Home Death Cab for Cutie

The Death Cab for Cutie have been the favorites of the independent scene for some time. They were asked to send a recording for the 2004 compilation album “Maybe This Christmas Tree”. His decision to interpret it directly with respect to the original results in a charming melody that is beautifully sung. I think you’ll agree that the voices in this song are first class.

5 – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Jack Johnson

I’m not a big fan of Jack Johnson, however, this song adapts to his acoustic brand. A very relaxed and relaxed version of the Christmas classic, with an additional verse that questions whether Rudolph should have been so quick to forgive the other reindeer, after so many years of ridicule.

4 – Carol of the Bells – The bird and the bee

The Bird and the Bee play a progressive and diverse mix of jazz and electronic music. They have taken a Christmas song, originally composed in 1916 for a classical choral group and transformed it into a great piece of psychedelic pop.

3 – Silver bells – The bright eyes

The Bright Eyes entered the studio in 2002 to record a delightful thirty-five minute Christmas album with all the proceeds going to the Nebraska AIDS Project. The album stuck to well-known Christmas songs and traditional Christmas carols. The songs are full of great arrangements and a loud sound. The voices of The Bright Eyes seem to be perfectly adapted to a song like this.


Great Alternative Christmas Songs

2 – Get Behind Santa – Sufjan Stevens

From 2001 to 2006, Sufjan Stevens recorded five separate Christmas EPs. With a mixture of traditional carols, instrumentals and original compositions, these EPs were originally only meant to be gifts for friends and family. In 2006, he grouped the five EPs and released them as a complete album. This particular song has all the traits that make Sufjan so popular, including excellent hooks, funny lyrics and an excellent melody.

1 – White wine in the sun – Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin is an Australian comedian, however, in this song he takes a more serious and sentimental tone. Some may object to the idea of an atheist Christmas song; in particular letters like “I prefer to break bread with Dawkins than with Desmond Tutu”. However, in the end, it is difficult to discuss the message of the song. Despite not being religious, despite recognizing the excessive marketing of Christmas, he still loves Christmas because it gives him the opportunity to reunite the family. Being an Australian myself, I perfectly understand the joy of spending Christmas drinking “white wine in the sun”.

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