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Make it a fun-filled, laughter-filled Labor Day for all the hardworking people around you with hilarious Happy Labor Day jokes.

Send funny Labor Day messages and Labor Day humor memes that will give everyone a good reason to laugh. Share your Labor Day messages with a touch of humor. Share with your employees and staff funny Labor Day wishes and funny Happy Labor Day quotes that make it a day full of smiles and laughter for all the dedicated people around you.


We’ve created an irresistible collection of funny Labor Day jokes and messages. Share the latest funny Labor Day messages and funny Labor Day status with everyone around you.

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Happy labor day funny jokes

  • We should celebrate Labor Day every day while working hard every day.
  • The most amazing way to celebrate Labor Day is by putting your liver to work hard.
  • We call it a train station where the train stops, so what should stop at a work station?
  • I never go to work for the boss who fires me because I have some respect for myself.
  • I used to wonder if today is Labor Day, how many babies were actually born?
  • If you want to celebrate Labor Day in a special way, file for unemployment today.
  • You must have heard of the Labor Day jokes. Well, they don’t work for me at all.
  • I wish I had made enough money to turn it into a Labor Day to splurge.

Labor Day Memes

  • Labor Day is about not working and having some time off.
  • It’s a bit strange that we celebrate Labor Day doing nothing.
  • Labor Day is for those who work hard the rest of the 364 days.
  • Be a job everyone admires on Labor Day.
  • Hard work and dedication are what make you a good job.

Funny happy labor day quotes

  • Happy Labor Day to you. Time to get some rest and take a break from work.
  • Being in labor is not easy as you have to work hard every day except Labor Day.
  • Let’s honor dedication and hard work by taking a break on Labor Day.
  • You really need some good money to make Labor Day memorable.
  • Labor Day reminds us that we have to keep working hard for 364 days to get this day off.


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