Funny 30th Birthday Jokes, Quotes (30 is Too Young!)


30th birthday jokes so you can laugh at that, do not think about it. Because 30 is too young to have a problem with thinking. Funny quotes and funniest things to keep your tone funny and stay young forever.

Funny 30th Birthday Jokes & Quotes (30 is Too Young!)

  • Life not only begins at 30, but begins to show.
  • A good thing to turn 30: you’re not turning 40.
  • Thirty really sneaks up on you, like a thong.
  • At thirty you can flirt without being dirty.
  • Everyone says that 30-year-olds should be established. I think I just settled down.
  • Being 30 years old is not a joke, but it can be a lot of laughs.
  • I remember the old days when I was 30 years old and all my children were shorter than me.
  • 30 is not old. He is a mature young man.
  • Being 30 years old is not so bad. At least, the premiums on your car insurance decrease.
  • Turning 30? Look at the good side. You are still too young to be president.
  • Do not worry about being 30. You’ll get over it in a decade.
  • 30 is not on the hill, it is more a plateau, with a bright light far in the distance …
30 is a good round number. Hopefully it does not correspond with your figure.

Funny 30th Birthday Jokes & Quotes (30 is Too Young!)

  • There used to be a show called 30 Something, and if you can remember it, you’re beyond it.
  • When you turn 21, you finally experience the full throttle freedom. If you go to 30, it means that you have discovered that there is also a brake pedal.
  • Time and tide wait for no one, but time always stops for a woman of thirty.
  • I was thirty-two when I started cooking. Until then, I only ate.
  • A woman was a little excited to turn 30 years old. Any sign of old age was cause for discomfort.
  • One day he noticed gray hair on his fringe. She turned to her husband, pointed to his forehead and said, “Have you seen this?”
  • “What he said.” Do you mean wrinkles? “
  • The doctors tell me that I have the body of a thirty-year-old man. I know I have the brain of a teenager. If you have both, you can play baseball.
  • The epitaphs on the tombstones of many people should read: He died at thirty and buried at sixty.
Thirty-five is when you finally put your head together and your body begins to fall apart.
  • Thirty? More like the “mourners”. Small strange pains that somehow invade your knees, back and occasionally your digestive system. They seem to be immune to prayer and illusions.
  • Very few people do anything creative after the age of thirty-five. The reason is that very few people do anything creative before the age of thirty-five.
  • When I reached my 30s, and especially when I was a father, my concept of “fun” changed, being less likely to involve people who got high or beaten or naked, and more likely to involve animals with balloons.
  • I have never admitted that I am over twenty-nine, or thirty at the most. Twenty-nine when there are pink tones, thirty when there are none.

Funny 30th Birthday Jokes & Quotes (30 is Too Young!)

If you live long enough before the age of thirty, you will not mind living after fifty.
  • Oh, how I regret not wearing a bikini all year I was twenty-six. If a young person is reading this, go, at this moment, put on a bikini and do not take it off until you are thirty-four years old.
  • I thought that when my children arrived at twenty-one, that would be, you know? They would be outside the door. We would never have to worry about them again. But I have a thirty-two-year-old son, and I still care for him as if he were a small child.
  • I do not feel any different now that I am 30 years old, maybe a little bit more breathless after turning off all my candles.


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