False Pregnancy Symptoms


What is false pregnancy? The symptoms of false pregnancy and information on false pregnancy.

False Pregnancy

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False Pregnancy; is a rare condition, also known as pseudocyesis, in which a woman claims she is pregnant and may even show signs of pregnancy even though she has not conceived,. The cause of false pregnancy is usually a hormonal or psychological disturbance. The hormonal disturbance is often caused by an imbalance. The psychogenic factor is often either an intense desire to be pregnant or a great fear of pregnancy. Nearly all patients are childless and have a strong desire for children.

The patient may not have menstruated for several months, experiences nausea and vomiting, and even feels the fetus moving. In many women, the breasts may enlarge, become tender, and secrete a cloudy fluid as may happen in a true pregnancy. Upon examination, the doctor may find that the uterus is about the size of the uterus in a woman who is about 6 weeks pregnant. If the false pregnancy is caused by a psychological disturbance, psychotherapy is advised. It usually produces a reversal of the condition. Hormonal disturbances are usually treated with pituitary hormones.

In addition to humans, false pregnancy occurs in other animals, including cats and dogs. In these animals, the cause is unknown.

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