Do You Want Permanent Love? Work On These Aspects Of Your Relationship


Love is the only emotion that has the most songs dedicated to it, the most movies about it, the most novels about it. 

We all know this. We’re all looking for true love because it’s a place where our flaws can truly be understood and accepted. But what do couples who seem to enjoy everything in their relationship (both the good and the flawed) have in common?


What are the characteristics that define a solid relationship?

Being part of a unique and strong relationship allows you to learn about countless good things. You feel like you are part of a successful and unbreakable team, and you act differently than in other relationships. You are also likely to be more understanding and accept your partner unconditionally.

This article takes a look at 5 things couples normally learn when they are part of a healthy and successful relationship :

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You learn to trust your partner.

The foundation of any relationship, especially the intimate one, is the trust we instill in the other person and vice versa. True love breeds trust.


The best relationships are shared and built on deep trust; this trust acts as a solid support system that every partner needs to communicate openly and honestly. If you’re part of a relationship that lacks trust, we suggest asking yourself the following question: How will you live with someone you don’t trust?

Growth and change are encouraged in both partners.

When we are involved in a healthy relationship, both parties should foster and encourage growth and change in the other. We all have the right to explore, learn and develop as individuals. Your partner should help you by encouraging them rather than trying to hinder them.

You should also return this support to your partner. We are encouraged to explore, discover and learn from new experiences that enable us to continue to evolve throughout our lives Doing this prevents us from falling into a boring routine in a relationship and nurtures true love so every person feels emotionally secure.

You learn that occasional misunderstandings are inevitable.

By living a healthy and fulfilling relationship on all levels, it is normal for each of us to have our own differences that need to be understood and accepted by the other.

It’s perfectly normal to have misunderstandings in a relationship. But in this case, the most important thing is to think before you say the first thing that comes to mind. We tend to interpret what our partner is saying using our own personal filter, and then we realize that what they really want to say isn’t exactly how we interpret it in our head.

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These are the times when we need to be humble to recognize the mistake and get past it. If you are constantly remembering everything your partner did wrong, you will only damage the relationship and prepare yourself for more communication problems in the future. Often times, what we say is misinterpreted and frustrates us. Don’t worry! Take a deep breath, take time for yourself and remember that your partner will always have their own interpretation style that is different from yours, albeit only in small ways.


All in all, your partner is unique so you love him and you decided to share your life with them in the first place. So remember that there will be misunderstandings, but you will both be able to deal with them, overcome them and move on.

You admit your weaknesses.

When we start a relationship and fall in love, we look at our partner as a kind of superhero. But let’s be real, we both know it isn’t, and that’s fine. We are all unique and as humans we have the ability to learn by making mistakes.

It’s good to be honest with yourself, love yourself unconditionally, and not let those little mistakes distract you from what really matters in your relationship. A good start to having a stable and serious relationship is to be honest about the weaknesses that both you and your partner have. This honesty will help you both better understand what’s bothering you, help you improve, and also allow you to be aware of areas you may need to work on. All of this helps strengthen the bond you share.

You show how you feel.

Playing games with our emotions is the worst thing we can do to prevent us from enjoying a healthy and solid relationship. But what does this mean? It means that your partner should always feel loved, wanted and respected. By using more and more displays of affection for one another, we can reward each other emotionally.

One of you may upset or disappoint the other, but remember that you love each other and may be acting to demand the affection that one of you is missing. It is important that you both know how the other is feeling so that you know how to deal with these moments of tension, misunderstanding or disagreement . Take time to express your feelings in a way your partner will understand.

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When we talk about close relationships, we like to emphasize that each is unique and has its own time, situation and evolution. The lessons we bring you here are the most common lessons we encounter in our own intimate relationships.

We constantly learn from our experience We recommend that you be aware of each of these lessons as you and your partner build your relationship. If you had an experience that we can add to this list, we’d love for you to share it with our fellow readers!

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