Crossfit 101, The New Fitness Trend You Need To Follow


So you finally decided to hit the gym. Or maybe you’re looking for a new form of workout to enhance your fitness levels. And it’s probably not the first time you’ve heard about CrossFit.

Personalities from the fitness world have probably been talking about this online so you’re curious and want to try it out. But what really is CrossFit and why is it so popular among fitness enthusiasts?



Trainers help beginners in their CrossFit journey

Trainers help beginners in their CrossFit journey

Simply put, CrossFit is “the sport of fitness”. It involves a variety of high-intensity functional movements in workouts. Instructors under this philosophy help their clients of different shapes and sizes in improving their physical well-being. Also, trainers who practice CrossFit help trainees achieve cardiovascular fitness, usually in an intense yet encouraging and accepting environment.

When undertaking this type of training, people will go through movements targeting different areas of the body each day. These exercises will test various parts of your functional strength. It doesn’t really specialize in one area. Instead, CrossFit aims to build bodies that have the capacity to do everything and anything.


The CrossFit site tells curious individuals that the program is designed and modeled for universal scalability. This makes CrossFit the perfect application for anybody who is willing to commit, regardless of experience. Routines can be similar for elderly individuals who have heart diseases and even cage fighters. There is load scaling and intensity and programs aren’t really changed.


In other words, individuals who go through the program have a workout particularly prescribed everyday. Rather having two separate workouts for older people and hardcore and intense athletes, there is one specific workout each day that is achievable, depending in your skill.


If not done in properly, CrossFit can be dangerous

If not done in properly, CrossFit can be dangerous

Just like any other sport, CrossFit can be dangerous. But with the right amount of preparation and execution, the program will bring you more benefit than harm.

When working out, trainers will tell you to complete a certain amount of strength training or endurance exercises as fast as possible. Other times, you have to finish as many repetitions as possible in a certain period. This is one reason why sometimes proper form is not followed just to attain the required number of reps. You might be in danger when there is nobody to supervise you and/or remind you of your form.

Because there are required number of reps or time to beat, it can be a breeding ground for people who like to push themselves to extremes and do harm to themselves. CrossFit gyms can attract a lot of competitive people. This might influence others to become one as well. It’s okay to try and push limits but when done to extremes, going way beyond one’s capacity can be harmful.


There is competition in the nature of activities and there are risks, but the benefits are great. It’s intense but there are athletes to prove to you that the program works.

CrossFit helps increase endurance. The movements in the workout will force your body to increase VO2max. In layman’s term, increased VO2max will help increase your body’s composition and cardio fitness. Combining powerlifting and Olympic weight lifting in fast pace provides athletes the chance to build muscle in a short amount of time while shredding of fat. This means a greater and fitter form. And because it promotes cardiovascular fitness, the program improves your heart’s health by increasing it’s endurance. This way, you can protect yourself from health diseases and issues.


Unlike other workouts, individuals can save time when doing CrossFit. You’ll notice that around 15-45 minutes your body is drenched in sweat and you’ll feel the lactic acid pushing through. The program also doesn’t really require equipment. While some workouts call for free weights like dumbbells and medicine balls, your own body’s weight can still be used. And because it’s time efficient and doesn’t need much equipment, even people with busy work schedules can squeeze the program into their routines.


Classes in the program can be fun and challenging at the same time

Classes in the program can be fun and challenging at the same time

Lastly, we often choose to work out in an environment that encourages fitness. “Crossfitters”, or those who do the same program, not only have competitive spirits but they also motivate and inspire others around them. Even if progress and achieving their own fitness goals are what they have in mind, they also make the room better by pushing others to be their best. Individuals prove and test this to be true.

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