Christmas is a special date where the family meets, and also friends. An atmosphere of harmony is created and their company is enjoyed in the traditional Christmas dinner and in the exchange of gifts.

This time is of special illusion for the youngest of the house, but at the same time they are also the ones who have the most questions about Christmas. Who is Santa Claus? Who do we celebrate on this date? Why do we have to put a Christmas tree?


If you do not know the answers or prefer to tell a half truth to not break the illusion, we tell you some of the stories of Christmas for children.

What are we celebrating?

Christmas is one of the most important festivals of Christianity, not to mention the most important. It is celebrated on December 25 and the birth of Jesus is commemorated. If you instill this religion in your little one, it is something you should know, in this way you can help him not confuse this date only with the delivery of gifts.

Christmas Story for Children - Who is Santa Claus?


Christmas tree

One of the most beautiful stories to tell the children about the Christmas tree, is that of a very poor woodcutter who on Christmas Eve found himself with a hungry child, lost and cold. In spite of not having money, the man invited the boy to his home, gave him shelter and fed him. The next morning, the boy had disappeared but when leaving his house, the woodcutter found a beautiful tree. The hungry child was the baby Jesus, who had disguised himself and created the tree to reward the good will and detachment of man.

The man of the gifts

Santa, Santa Claus or San Nicolás, has many names but only one appearance. It is the chubby, bearded man, dressed in red and white, who has a sack of gifts for children. It is said that St. Nicholas was a priest who loved children and felt great affinity for them, and that he was also a person with a lot of money that he used to make gifts to the little ones. He delivered the gifts late at night, so that the children would not discover it. That is why it is said that Santa Claus comes when the children are sleeping.

In addition, the legend of the eight reindeer carrying Santa Claus in a magic sleigh through the sky was created thanks to the famous poem “A visit of Saint Nicholas” (“The nigth before Christmas”) by Clement Clarke.

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