Christmas Phrases for My Son Who is Away


Wanting to spend Christmas with the whole family is something we all want.

However, it is not uncommon since this world is globalized; Some of our relatives are not close to us, even in another country. This is certainly sad since the purpose of Christmas is to be all together on this special occasion.


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This article is dedicated to those parents whose children are away from home this Christmas, dedicate words with feelings to your son or daughter who is away from you and remind them of the love that parents feel will always be there with them, no matter how far they are . See the list of messages for this occasion below.

– “Son, everyone here wants you the best of the best to get what you want in life, keep making an effort so that in the near future you can return to celebrate Christmas with us, we miss you and we love you very much”.


– “No matter the distance or the obstacles we have to cross, the love of our parents will always be with you so that you can feel supported from afar, focus on your goals, we will take care that you do not lack love. Christmas, we miss you so much. ”

– “How could I not want to spend time with you on this important date of family union? Unfortunately, you are out, but that is not an impediment to remind you that everyone who is here loves you and wishes you much success.” Be happy and remember the love Of your family “.

– “We hope with all our hearts that you are here for this special occasion, but we know that the situation is different, so we can only wish that you can have a good time surrounded by the people that interest you and that there is union and happiness among you. We send you a big Christmas hug, see you soon. “Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook

– “It’s unfortunate that we can not be physically together this Christmas, but that does not mean we should be sad, but we must remember that there is still love between us and that we will soon have the opportunity to meet, we hope to have you here next year. daughter “.

– “It’s amazing how time passes, but not the feelings, strange to see how you run around the house with your toys, now you have your own family and you take care of it”. I wish you could have a wonderful time with your family and remember that you can always count on us. Come back soon to see you and spend Christmas together. ”

– “Your life of constant travel has not allowed me to spend much time with you, all I want now is to spend Christmas with you and the whole family to meet again, I hope you can come back soon to make this dream come true. ”


– “From afar I send you a Christmas greeting and my most sincere wishes that everything you propose you can achieve, I am going to ask God to accompany him on his way and enlighten him with his presence to help him make the best decisions and I hope that one of them returns to where his family is this Christmas, we miss you and we wait for you with open arms “.

Send your son some of these phrases and you will see how you make his day and Christmas happy and fill him with the will to live and fight for his goals to be together with his family as soon as possible.

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