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These games of Christmas jokes will amplify your fun and magnify your joy. Goofy games, word games, fun things, huge hilarity, great fun. You will not even need to nail the eggnog.

Christmas party Jokes games – “Face to the cookie”

Christmas party Jokes games - "Face to the cookie"

A cheerful and guilt-free way to consume your Christmas cookies:

Two people sit next to each other in chairs. Each one tilts his head back and places a cookie on his forehead. When someone says “go ahead”, each person tries to move the cookie around his face, around his nose and into his mouth. If the cookie falls out of the face, they must start over with the same cookie or a new one.

This is not easy! Only the facial expressions will have the rest of you rolling on the floor.


“Story Detective”

"Story Detective"

Often hilarious game for groups of five or more, with a great twist. Creativity is exposed in very funny ways. Note: At least some players should not know this game to work:

Some people (usually 2 to 4) volunteer to leave the room while the rest of the people (the main group) stay in the main room to come up with a quick story. Then, one at a time, the volunteers return to the room and try to guess the story, asking only “yes or no” questions.

BUT – here’s the turn – no story will be invented! When the story detective asks a question that ends in a vowel or a “and”, the writers answer “yes.” When the volunteer asks a question that ends in a consonant, the answer is “no”.

Then the story will be written completely by the unsuspecting volunteer detective and his own crazy brain. It can be tremendously fun. So, it is important that the “story writers” of the core group have the rules below, so that they know when to answer yes and no.

You can let this happen with each volunteer as long as you want, but it’s usually five minutes or more. You do not want others to wait too long for your turn.

As each volunteer completes their story, they can become part of the core group that answers yes or no questions. It is wonderful to see what each person comes up with and what ridiculous directions they take.

Two things:
  1. Make sure that volunteers who leave the room can not hear what happens in the central group.
  2. Obviously, voluntary story detectives have to be people who have never played this game before. You can tell them that it is a contest to see which of them can decipher the story in the least amount of questions.

Our family broke several guts playing this game. Enjoy!

Christmas party Jokes games – “The Merger”

To save time, money and gather resources, Christmas and Hanukkah are merging. So we need new Christmas songs that work for both religions. Here is a short list to start. See what “sacred” inspirational titles you can find.

Oy Come All Ye Faithful
Santa Claus comes to the city, so I finished eating now
Matzoh Balls, Matzoh Balls, Matzoh all the way
It arrived at midnight, and what, should I have expected?
Spin Yourself A Merry Little Dreydl
Or small town of Bethlehem, do you have Chinese food?
(… your turn …)

Christmas Party Jokes games – “Fishbowl”

Very fun game that combines passwords and charades. Everyone receives three papers. In each slip, each person writes something to be identified: an object, event, animal, person, superhero, whatever. Three different things, one in each of the three slips.

Christmas Party Jokes games - "Fishbowl"

All slips are put in a bowl. The group is divided into two teams. A player also acts as a timer.


A team 1 player draws a ticket from the bowl and has to verbally describe it until his team guesses correctly. The player can not say any part of what is written on the paper.

You have 30 seconds to see how many you can make your computer guess correctly. Keep score. Then, a player from Team 2 goes ahead and does the same. This continues, alternating teams, until all the slips are gone.


All the slips are put back in the bowl. The player whose turn would have been the next in Part 1 is the first. The player draws a slip but this time has to represent what is in the slide, like charades, without words or sounds.

The same 30 seconds to see how many your team can do correctly. Continue as before, alternating teams, until all the slips are gone. Keep score.


All the slips are put back in the bowl. The player who would have had the next turn in Part 2 is the first. Choose a slip and this time only use one word, such as the password, but only ONE time, to give clues to your teammates.
For now, everyone is quite familiar with the answers, so this can go pretty quickly. Continue until all the slips have disappeared. Keep score.


Add the scores of the three rounds, see who won, although at this point he has already laughed so much that he probably does not care.

Jokes games at the Christmas party – “Bad Present”

We have all had the dubious pleasure of receiving a gift that is NOT what we want, and we never know what to say. Check this list of best answers, then create your own set of zingers.

1. God, I just can not use this. Other people would be so jealous.
2. Wow, that is SOME present!
3. Honestly, I do not deserve this.
4. I can not wait to grow in that.
5. It is difficult to express my feelings with words.
(… Go for it! …)

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