Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook


Soon Christmas arrives, a beautiful celebration that is celebrated in every home to gather the family, thinking about it we have created the most beautiful Christmas messages to share with your loved ones.

So that the family is happy and happy we hope that all these beautiful Christmas texts serve to express our best feelings on Christmas Eve.


So, we are going to leave in this article beautiful Christmas words to send a greeting on this precious date. You can use them freely in your social networks.

Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook

Christmas messages:

  • – “For you and your whole family I wish a Merry Christmas, so that everything you want to become a reality. Happy Holidays”.
  • – “Merry Christmas for you with all my heart, hoping you will receive the Christmas Eve with great joy and surrounded by your relatives”.
  • – “With a lot of love, I hope that every day is like the longed for Christmas. Have a beautiful Christmas Eve. “
  • – “Merry Christmas for all the children that are part of my work, that have a precious Good Night next to their families. Happy Holidays”.
  • – “People yearn to be accompanied, so I hope you do not miss a pleasant company for this Christmas.”
  • – “Union and trust must go hand in hand to make this Christmas pleasant for all. Happy Holidays”.
  • – “With great affection I miss that this Christmas is blessed so that your purposes are faithfully fulfilled. Merry Christmas Eve”.
  • – “Receive my sincere wishes of happiness for this Christmas. May prosperity not be lacking in your home. Happy Holidays”.
  • – “May all your dreams be fulfilled and may God give you strength to always go forward. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “I want this Christmas to be a means to reach people I do not see long ago and tell them that the most important thing is to be filled with the love of Jesus. Happy Holidays”.
  • – “May prosperity come to your life and may your family always remain very united and at peace. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “If you can dream, be sure you can build it. Let there be no lack of perseverance in your life. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “It’s a beautiful day on December 25 because Jesus was born to bring his light and his love and share it with everyone you love. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “Congratulations on this Christmas Eve, may the angels and cherubim gather around the birth and fill your home with their light. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “Tomorrow will be another day to understand the meaning of Christmas, so we will have more time to think that Jesus is the one who loves us and wants the best for us. Merry Christmas”.

We leave these beautiful Christmas phrases to share with your loved ones, hoping that they are to your liking. Come soon for more beautiful Christmas texts to devote to your family, friends in general.


Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook

Christmas is beautiful because it encourages us to join the family, thinking that we are close to celebrating, we offer the best Christmas dedications to share with those you deem most convenient.

Therefore, choose any of these original Christmas phrases to dedicate in this celebration to family or friends forever.

Finally, we hope that these short Christmas SMS to send your friends or family that are away from you, you like them a lot. Merry Christmas.

  • – “May Christmas Eve invite you to share many sincere embraces with your loved ones and that encourages you to make your family happy. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “May the light of the Holy Spirit fill their homes and receive the Child Jesus with much love and peace. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “Merry Christmas for all those who make my days happy, that this Christmas Eve brings happiness and prosperity always. Congratulations”.
  • – “What happiness it will be to receive all my relatives in one night, to greet and welcome the Little Child Jesus. Merry Christmas”.Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook
  • – “May the angels decorate Christmas with their songs and their divine aura. Merry Christmas for everyone. “
  • – “Congratulations to you and your family. May joy and happiness be always by your side. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “May all the days of the year be wonderful and blessed with the birth of the Child Jesus. May this Christmas bring you many hope and faith. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “May the magic Christmas spread to all the loved ones of that happiness and joy to share on this Christmas Eve. Congratulations”.
  • – “Do not feel sad, let’s do the impossible so that this Christmas is very joyful so that all the pains leave them aside. May the arrival of Jesus bless your days. Merry Christmas”.

Send nice Christmas messages:

  • – “Receive a lot of greetings this Christmas, that prosperity and joy are the ones that always accompany you. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “Merry Christmas for you and yours, that no one is left without praying to the Little Child Jesus to ask him for what he most desires. Merry Christmas for everyone. “
  • – “May the joy of Christmas inspire your loved ones and family to spend a beautiful Christmas Eve, sharing anecdotes with everyone. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “I love you very much and for all that I feel for you, I wish that Christmas Eve brings you many blessings and joys for your life. Merry Christmas”.
  • – “Happy Holidays for everyone who works with me. Peace and harmony will be the virtues that will always hold in their hearts. Merry Christmas for everyone. “
  • – “May Christmas persuade the hearts of all those who make up your family to make the joyful celebration to many more people. Merry Christmas Eve”.
  • – “Many blessings for the whole family, even if they are far from us, remember that we are always missing them in our Christmas celebration. Receive many hug and kisses. Happy Holidays”.Christmas Messages to Share on Facebook

We hope that these beautiful Christmas phrases to send your loved ones and make them have a good time have been what they wanted. Also remember to share any of these cute Christmas verses to declaim to your family, friends and acquaintances.

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