Christmas decorations you can make with your family


Are you one of those who like to make their own Christmas decorations?

We show you some original ideas to prepare the decoration of your home these holidays. You can make them with your whole family and spend unforgettable moments.


Christmas trees bathed in gold

Christmas decorations you can make with your family

These decorative trees can be used to decorate any corner of the house and you can make them in a few minutes.

For this you will need some brushes that are used to clean bottles and glasses to form the tree.
As a support you can use a cylinder of cork or wood that will fix the bottom of the tree.
With scissors, trim the bristles of the brush to give it the shape of a cone or tree top. It only remains to give it color with a spray of golden paint or the color that you like the most.
You can give a special touch to the tips of the twigs by putting glitter when the paint is still fresh. With white cork grated you can give a snowy appearance to these original Christmas decorations.


The sleigh of Santa Claus

If you want to give a little movement to the Christmas decorations you can make this nice sleigh of Santa Claus. It is easy to make and can be hung in many different ways.

You only need some scissors and a little patience and you will have a fun sleigh pulled by Santa’s famous reindeer.
Download templates of Santa’s reindeer and sleigh.
Cut a good herd of reindeer on gray cardboard and Santa Claus in his sleigh in a red one.
Get a white and red string and tie it around the neck of the reindeer.
Fix it with a glue stick and stick Santa at one end.
Complete the shot with some red balls in the nose of the reindeer and with some bells that announce the arrival of the gifts!

A Christmas tree made of plastic spoons

Christmas decorations you can make with your family

If you are someone who likes to personalize your own Christmas tree, this is an original way to build your Christmas decorations.

You will need a package with a good number of plastic spoons.
Cut the handle leaving only the concave part.
On paper that protects the table paint the spoons with a spray of the color you choose for the tree.
Create a cone with a thick cardboard that serves to give the shape of the tree and support to paste the pieces. You can also use prefabricated cork or plastic cone.
When the paint dries, stick the spoons upside down. Form staggered lines to form an original Christmas tree.

Hanging Christmas ornaments

Christmas decorations you can make with your family


One way to take advantage of a pendant stand of pots is to adapt it for a Christmas decoration.

Recycle the support by painting it again.
Place a base of dry straw or dry needles forming a kind of nest.
On the bed put green branches of fir or holly combined with dried pineapples.
These you can decorate with a bit of glitter or with touches of white paint with snow.
Complete the set with colored balls and some lights that work with batteries.

Big Christmas balls of light

If you are a little handy and have some patience you can make some impressive Christmas balls of light to illuminate your garden.

To form the sphere, it uses a chicken wire mesh.
Cut two rectangles, crúzalos with tennis balls to form the ball.
Sew the rectangles with wire joining the two pieces together.
Wrap the ball with a strip of colored LED lights fixed with wires to the ball until it is perfectly wrapped.
Fill your garden with balls of different sizes and colors and you will get a magical atmosphere with these Christmas decorations.

A cardboard reindeer

This proposal is one of the tasks with which you will enjoy doing it with the smallest of the house. What better way to spend time with your children than preparing Christmas decorations for this year?

Get a template of the head of a reindeer on the internet and cut two cards with the silhouette.
Join the parties by sticking them by the nose and paint a red ball.
Trim a leafy antler and fix it by making two slits in the top of the head.
Paint the eyes and finish the composition with a wreath of fir and a red ribbon for the reindeer.

An original crown of clothes pegs

It is enough to have some usual material in all the houses to make an original Christmas wreath.

Unhook a metal hanger and form a circle with it.
Take a handful of clothespins and paint them with a spray of green paint.
To be able to reach all its outline with the painting placing them on the edge of a cardboard box.
Once they are dry place them in the circle. Sandwich the spherical beads clips red.
It forms a pretty bow with a red ribbon, it attaches to the hoop. Use it to hang the crown in the place you prefer, along with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

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