Christmas, 7 Keys To Decorate The Tree As a Family


The tradition indicates that it must be decorated on December 8.

There are an infinity of proposals in the market around sizes, themes, colors and accessories. How to arm it with the illusion and magic of the Christmas spirit


The tradition indicates that the Christmas tree should be armed on December 8. An excellent plan to perform as a family. The market offers a wide variety of Christmas proposals: spheres, garlands, fake snow, crowns. What elements can not be missing?

Christmas: 7 Keys To Decorate The Tree As a Family

Where to locate it

Find a place where it can be appreciated from different angles, but that in turn does not hinder the entry of light. Place it in a zone of medium to low traffic, where the family passes constantly without becoming a nuisance.
Choose in a special corner, from where you can appreciate it in moments of relaxation. For example, diagonally to the armchair or sofa, or near the dining room table. Thus the Christmas spirit will always be present.



It does not necessarily have to be the same as the previous year. It is possible to reinvent the little tree with a new aesthetic that adapts to the trends. It is not necessary to spend, but to adapt the accessories. For example, choose a single color or implement a new combination.

Christmas: 7 Keys To Decorate The Tree As a Family

For the most traditional, red and green can not miss. However, this season the rustic trend is growing, where wood, pine and green leaves predominate.

A nice option of very low budget, where friends, family and loved ones can participate is to build a wish tree. Dreams, wishes, and messages for the future are distributed.

Step by step how to assemble the tree:

  1. First the lights: to go from the inside out and spiral up. Place them near the trunk so the green wire is more hidden and in front you can put the ornaments.
  2. Garlands: there is no manual to place the garlands, but start at the top of the tree and fall in a spiral is the most recommended, as it can serve to “cover” the areas that are “naked”.Christmas: 7 Keys To Decorate The Tree As a Family
  3. Spheres: can be mixed in different sizes. They also adopt different forms like hearts, pines, stars.
  4. Sticks: are the latest trend, are placed very easily in the “holes” of the branches. They can adopt different versions, angels, Santa Claus or pine.
  5. The main star: it must be the star, stand out among all the hanging ornaments.
  6. Medias: another option to put inside the home, in the area of ​​the home, or in the doors. They can be wool, burlap or cloth personalized with the name of each member of the family.
  7. Crowns: another classic to decorate main doors or place inside. You can buy them made and also locate them as a centerpiece table accompanied by candles or more spheres.

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