Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Tiger


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does tiger mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the tiger description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Tiger

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger

  • Chinese name of the Tiger: Hu
  • Time of influence of the Tiger: between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning
  • Cardinal point of the Tiger: East-North-East
  • Season of the Tiger: Spring
  • Month of influence of the Tiger: February
  • Element of the Tiger: Wood
  • Ascendetes: Ascendants of the Tiger
  • Aspect of the Tiger: yang
  • Piedra del Tigre: Sapphire
  • Planet of the Tiger: Jupiter
  • Tiger Color: Green
  • Zodiac sign equivalent: Aquarius
  • Compatible with the Tiger: Horse, Dog and Pig or Boar.
  • Personality of the Tiger: Rebellious, independent, dynamic, passionate, bold, unpredictable, impulsive, sincere, affectionate, generous, humanitarian, impatient, reckless, irascible …

Characteristics of the Tiger according to the Chinese Horoscope

Tigers are people who need adventure, enjoy life fully, whenever they encounter new challenges, challenges and unexpected events. But his passionate energy and his true love of life is contagious and stimulating. His rebellious nature, impetus and courage, sometimes leads him to dangerous extremes. They are people of action, they are always behind a goal, they intervene in social, political events or whatever they can lead the group, they try to solve things with practicality and speed. They exert a singular magnetism on others, hardly find resistance, they are always the center of attention and do anything to avoid going unnoticed. Presumptuous and very aware of their image, they can spend hours getting ready.

The Tigers are loved and accepted or detested and rejected, unable to control their emotions; they talk by the elbows and pass in a flash of laughter to states of anger; but their intentions are noble, they say what they feel and without seeking to hurt. They provoke admiration, fear, respect and in some cases envy.

People who live under the influence of the Tiger are unpredictable, act by instincts, although they evaluate situations before acting. Like everything a Tiger does, when he falls in love, he gives himself completely, he is romantic and ardent; It is usually faithful but independent, intense, passionate and sensual. If you feel hurt, you can be ruthless. But despite its explosive nature it has a tender heart, especially with family and friends.

You will achieve success because you are used to winning always, you never give up and will put all your resources, effort, stubbornness and energy in achieving your goals. Competitive, with great personal magnetism and the necessary talent will come to be in the position of the boss; He must take care of his authoritarianism and learn to listen to criticism, valid advice and different opinions.


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