Catchy Patriot Day Slogans and Patriot Quotes, 11 September


Every year, September 11 is observed as Patriot Day in the United States of America. This day is celebrated in memory of all those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Celebrate this day with Patriot Day slogans and famous American slogans. Send your family and friends patriot quotes and quotes about patriotism and nationalism along with some unique antipatriotism quotes.


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Catchy Patriot Day Slogans and Patriot Quotes – 11 September

Catchy Patriot Day Slogans

  • Never forget Patriot Day!
  • Let’s fight terrorism to save this world.
  • Let’s unite to show our patriotism.
  • Patriotism lies in being with the nation.
  • We had to lose so many lives to become patriots.
  • Freedom does not come for free.
  • Terrorism needs attention and a solution.
  • America is the land we all love.
  • We are the home of the free for the brave we have.
  • Unity is the right way to fight all problems.
  • Let’s hold hands to improve tomorrow.
  • Be proud to be an American.
  • Let’s be responsible for our freedom.
  • Love your country and your compatriots.
  • Let your actions reflect your love for your nation.

Love your country and your compatriots

Best Patriot Quotes

  • Patriotism is like charity because it begins at home.
  • Men love their nation not because it is a great country, but because it belongs to them.
  • Freedom is what every soul demands.
  • Wars are surely fought with weapons, but only men win them.
  • A country without freedom is like a body without a soul.


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