Black Friday was on a Friday and Will the masses appear?


Finally, Walmart closed the deal: they will also begin their Black Friday promotions at 6 pm on Thanksgiving night.

We called it a year ago, after a large number of retailers collapsed, opening earlier than ever, most at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night.


This year is 6 in the afternoon. Next year can be completely transformed: pass the “Black Friday” to Thursday early in the morning and ready so that people can finally return to what it is: Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday was on a Friday - Will the masses appear?

It’s crazy

Once upon a time, Black Friday was easy to decipher. The doors opened early, the announcements went out at a certain time and the quantities were not so limited. Now the chaos is aggravated in real time, as smart phone applications and social networks are the way to get secret deals, special offers that are not “announced” to the mad masses.


Will the masses appear?

That is an interesting question this year for several reasons: the first could be cited as the reason why retailers are doing this in the first place: there is a real recession, this Christmas was condemned before it started due to the end of Action Day Thanks and medical attention Concerns are holding back holiday sales. The retailers are desperate, pure and simple.

Black Friday was on a Friday - Will the masses appear?

The crowds will be there, but they will not be populated with the diversity they once had. Conservative buyers, who are often stupid in the early-morning price wars, are worried about what that Affordable Care Act will cost them in January. Black Friday or not, they are not buying this Christmas, it does not matter when it’s on sale.

Then, who will show up? Will the more than 50 million Americans be on food stamps … or the 90 million unemployed?

Yes, retailers are very nervous.

Will there be violence?

Perhaps. And maybe there will be more employees than customers this time. Walmart, which suffered a threat strike on the last Thanksgiving that hit headlines from coast to coast, is forcing all store employees to work on Thanksgiving. All the employees. Nobody has a rest. How many of them will have to skip Thanksgiving at home now that the start time of 6 p. M. To the madness of Black Friday? Everything is curiously programmed to coincide with the publication deadlines of the stores. The next stories they will read will be about the disgruntled workers at Walmart, Target, Kmart and others who resent the ever-disappearing Thanksgiving.


Retailers, of course, blame the customers. Spokesman after spokesperson has told the media that customers have shown they want to buy on Thanksgiving.

Think about that when you see the deserted stores the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Black Friday was on a Friday - Will the masses appear?

Do not think you can escape the madness by staying at home on Thanksgiving. If you have a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, you will not be able to escape from the e-mails, publications, tweets and buzzes of online retailers, including the Walmarts of the world, who will compete for the dollars spent on offers. In fact, it has already started and the cat and mouse game of who will win who for the best deal has started.

Will that item be cheaper online at $ 10 less with free shipping … or should I get it now while Walmart guarantees to have it in stock for at least 1 hour after opening?

It puts a lot of pressure on those who like to enjoy their cake on Thanksgiving night.

This year, we are taking a position. This will be the last time we talk about Black Friday this year. We are leaving it out.

Black Friday is dark, a plague in America, in the celebration of Christmas. We completely disassociate ourselves from it.

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