Best US Destinations to Visit for Christmas


“Home for the Holidays” is a family refrain during December. But for a growing segment of Americans and international travelers, the Christmas season has become a popular time to travel.

For some, it is easier to be absent from work in the period between Christmas and New Year, since things tend to decrease in the office, since many are out of the holidays. In addition, many families lived scattered throughout the country, so the Christmas holidays in a fun place make sense. In some cases, traveling during Christmas can also be affordable if you know where to look for travel deals.


These are some of the most popular places in the United States to visit during Christmas. Some of these destinations are the usual suspects: New York City and Chicago, while others may surprise you. Use this information to plan your own Christmas trips or simply to enter the holiday spirit or travel.

New York City

If you can change it, a trip to New York City at Christmas is well worth it at least once in your life. The city of New York makes it the best destination list, but it is especially beautiful during the holidays with all the lights and snow, making it a favorite destination for many Christmas travelers.

Best US Destinations to Visit for Christmas


New York is famous for its shopping, making it a great place to find unique gifts and find everything on your wish list. New York City also has many Christmas traditions, such as windows with festive themes in New York’s famous department stores. In the Rockefeller Center is the giant pine tree, whose lighting is celebrated with a special ceremony and musical performances. Another attraction that attracts many tourists to New York City during the holidays is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, a Broadway-style show presented by the famous high-scoring Rockettes at the even more famous Radio City Music Hall. Or go see the Nutcracker for New York …


Florida is an obvious choice for vacations. Most of the state enjoys mild temperatures, even in December, making it ideal for those who want their white Christmas to be sand and not snow. In addition to beach destinations, Christmas travelers arriving in Florida also like to visit Walt Disney World, which is decorated in an authentic and exaggerated Disney style. Take the children to Mickey’s very happy Christmas party or to see Epcot’s Candlelight procession.

Or take a look at Christmas in Miami, where parties have a more Latin flavor. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can find boat parades and festive lights displays in many cities throughout the state, such as Noche de luces in San Agustín.

Another great reason to visit Florida at Christmas is to visit Christmas, a small town near Orlando that has become the favorite place to send holiday mail with a postage stamp.

Best US Destinations to Visit for Christmas

Puerto Rico

Why go to Puerto Rico during Christmas? Besides the fact that you will enjoy a break from the cold weather in the north and tan while others turn pale, Puerto Rico is a very special place to spend the holidays. Puerto Rico has its own set of Christmas traditions, ranging from decorations and narrations to wonderful and wonderful food.


Although the Christmas season in Puerto Rico can begin as early as November, Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve is the most anticipated Christmas event in Puerto Rico. If you want to be part of the longest festive season in the world, which starts in November and ends in February, Puerto Rico is where you should go.


You have to be really committed to the idea of ​​a cold and white Christmas to want to go to Alaska for the holidays. But for some people, Alaska is the North Pole. In fact, since 1952, thousands of children who have written to Santa Claus with their Christmas wishes have sent their letters to the House of Santa Claus at the North Pole, Alaska (near Fairbanks). The House of Santa Claus also writes letters to children, in fact, a very exciting prospect for a child who is still moved by St Nick’s stories. Winter is also the best time to catch the Northern Lights, or Northern Lights, in Alaska.

There are a number of Christmas festivals and events in Alaska, including Christmas-themed ice sculptures. Adventurous types can even try the dog sled. In fact, if you can handle cold and snow, Alaska offers a perfect place to spend Christmas.


The City of Winds certainly has good weather conditions to offer a White Christmas, or at least a very cold one. However, tourists go to Chicago for Christmas for their activities in the big city, like seeing the millions of lights on the Magnificent Mile and enjoying the German heritage of Chicago in the popular Christkindlmarkt, a German Christmas market filled with Christmas crafts, toys of traditional wood and German food and drink. Like the city of New York, Chicago also has a giant Christmas tree, which is installed in Daley Plaza and opens every year with much fanfare. Also see the annual Christmas Exhibit around the world at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Best US Destinations to Visit for Christmas


A ski holiday at Christmas makes sense for many travelers, as the snowy slopes and cozy chalets evoke the view of the holidays. One of the most popular places to go skiing in the United States is Colorado, which is home to the elegant tourist towns of Aspen, Vail and Steamboat Springs. You can celebrate at Victorian Christmas at the Breckenridge ski resort. Santa’s trackers will also know that Colorado is the home of NORAD, the government agency that tracks Santa’s Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Not sure where to stay? You can find ski offers for families and discounts on places to stay with our guide on how to save money on a ski trip. Or have an urban Christmas in Denver and see the lights of the zoo at the Denver Zoo, let the kids get on the holiday carousel and drink tea at the Brown Palace.

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